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The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

War for the aboriginal people at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Photo: L Henry).
War for the aboriginal people at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Photo: L Henry).

Even for those who don’t think they have an interest in fighting, the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario just might win you over. Exploring so much more than just war, this exceptional museum covers the military history of Canada with full-scale exhibits.

A tank at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).
L Henry

Canadian War History
Walk into the trenches with the soldiers, watch videos and marvel at the 330 pieces of art and 2,167 artefacts on display. Then step into the Lebreton Gallery to look up at the military vehicles, artillery and other large machines from the 18th century to present-day.

War and Fashion?
One of the temporary exhibits on right now is Camouflage: From Battlefield to Catwalk. There are strange connections between fashion and camouflage on the runway and videos, mannequins and actual outfits from well-known designers to prove it.

Interestingly, the exhibit also explores how armies have used camouflage to sneak up on their enemies, from painting their ships to building false trees that soldiers can hide behind and shoot from. There is a neat section where camouflage designs from a variety of countries is put side by side, showing the different ways that these armies were able to disguise themselves.

This exhibit runs until September 6, 2010.

Environmentally-Friendly Building
On another note, the building that houses the Canadian War Museum has some neat features to it. It was constructed to be energy-efficient and uses recycled materials like fly ash in the concrete. The cooling systems are run with river water, the green roof is planted with self-seeding grasses, and the copper used in the interior of the building is recycled from the roof of the Library of Parliament.

And it’s no small feat. At 10,684 square metres (115,000 square feet), the distances walked if you see the entire permanent exhibition is 2 km (1.2 miles).

For more info on Ottawa museums, click here.


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    I liked the bit about the eco-friendly building.

  • Lori H- Canadian Travel Examiner 5 years ago

    I know, it's quite an incredible building!

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