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The Campari Stinger

Cuffs, Buttons and Cognac cocktails with a splash of Campari
Christy Pope, Cuffs & Buttons Cocktail Catering

If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you know it isn’t a pleasant experience. This time, we’ve got a cocktail that packs the right amount of sting with a feel good approach. With the use of Campari, this cocktail, the Campari Stinger is just what the doctor ordered.

Campari Stinger
· 1 oz Campari
· 1 oz High Proof Cognac
· ¼ tsp Grade B Maple Syrup
· 2 Mint Sprigs

· Muddle mint in cocktail shaker.
· Add other ingredients to shaker.
· Shake and strain over crushed ice into a rocks glass.
· Garnish with a mint sprig.

Created by Christy Pope, Cuffs & Buttons Cocktail Catering

Cuffs & Buttons Cocktail Catering is a beverage consulting and catering company that combines a hip downtown attitude with just enough uptown sophistication to guarantee that the services are unmatched in style and excellence. Cuffs & Buttons was co- founded in 2006 by beverage professionals Chad Solomon, Christy Pope, and Sasha Petraske, who have over three decades of combined beverage hospitality experience. Cuffs & Buttons offers events and catering services, where they utilize hand-selected spirits and the freshest ingredients to bring their expertise to events on every scale. Cuffs & Buttons also has a consulting service where they use their extensive experience to develop beverage programs for hotels, bars, and restaurants worldwide. Find them online at

Live Fabulously. Drink Responsibly. ™

- Cristal

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