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The Calgary Scope Society helps those with disabilities in the Calgary area

Finding the right support system is important for those with disabilities in Calgary.
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There are many Calgary residents who live with disabilities every day of their life. With the proper support system, their disabilities do not have to interfere with a fully-functional and rewarding life. The Calgary Scope Society helps those individuals to be respected, contributing members of society.

The Calgary Scope Society is a non-profit agency that was set up back in the early 1980's to help support those with disabilities with innovative, high quality services to aid them and their families. With numerous services in place, individuals with disabilities no matter what age can get the support and guidance they need to function positively in society. They work with other organizations in order to find the best tools available for both individuals and their families who deal with disabilities.

Some of the available programs are:

If you are interested in talking to anyone about the many services available, call the office at (403)509-0200 and ask to speak to an intake worker.

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