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The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation 2014 Aspire Gala will be on Friday Feb. 21, 2014

The CRSF salutes three new honorees on February 21, 2014
The CRSF salutes three new honorees on February 21, 2014

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation (CRSF) will be hosting its tenth annual Aspire Gala on Friday February 21, 2014. The Aspire Gala will be held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel. “Some of the honorees will include Baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Murray; Japan’s “Iron Man” Sachio Kinugasa; and longtime winning head basketball coach Bob Hurley, Sr. Eddie Murray will be presented with the Aspire Award, along with Sachio Kinugasa. Bob Hurley, Sr. will be honored with the Cal, Sr. Award. Each honoree is being recognized because of their work to make a difference in the lives of others and will have the opportunity to pay tribute to the people in their own lives who have inspired and helped guide them to success.”

“We are honored to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Aspire Gala by celebrating three individuals who have done tremendous work to make a positive impact in the lives of others,” said Steve Salem, president of the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation. “Last year’s Aspire Gala raised more than $2 million for the foundation. The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2001 to honor the legacy of Cal Ripken Sr.. The mission of the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation is “The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation helps build character and teach critical life lessons to disadvantaged young people living in America's most distressed communities through baseball and softball themed programs.”

You can help the CRSF further its mission. If you would like to make a donation in any amount, please click here. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact CRSF’s Vice President, Resource Development, Carrie LeBow, at 410) 823-0808 or send her an email at . You can stay in touch with CRSF in many ways. Click here to join the mailing list. Click here to follow the foundation on Facebook and here to follow the foundation on Twitter. You can read more about the foundation by clicking here.