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The Cafeteria killing of Jesus Christ

Avoid the Cafe!
Avoid the Cafe! The Light of Christ on Facebook

The inhabitants of Nazareth tried to throw Jesus of the cliff because of His proclamation of the Truth.

The same thing happens everyday in all the Nazareth's of America, as Cafeteria Catholics and non-Catholic Christian sellouts, do the very same thing.

Café disciples and non-Catholic sellouts kill Jesus in abortion. Café disciples and non-C sellouts do the very same when they euthanize granny. They kill JC every time they vote for socialism and social entitlements. They kill Jesus when they disobey Jesus' apostles and promote contraception. They kill the Lord of hosts every time they encourage illegal immigration--. They kill Jesus' sacramental representation of His Marriage to the Body of Christ when they support gay marriage. They throw Jesus off the cliff whenever they worship the Lord without the Eucharist or the Apostolic interpretation of Sacred Scripture. They mock Jesus, then throw him off the cliff, whenever they pervert God's Simple Mercy through the gospel of prosperity.

Jesus is killed whenever a Catholic or non-Catholic Christian politician, such as Nancy Pelosi or Andrew Cuomo, promotes the culture of death, promotes the persecution of Christianity in America (in HHS mandates), or distorts the Sacrament of Matrimony with gay participation. These Cafeteria killers of Christ further destroy Christ's Body through active participation, votes, and donations, from many lay café Catholics and ordinary non-Catholic Christian/sellouts. Adding insult to injury, religious sisters (such as those that ride buses), priests (the Father Pflager's of the world), and the Joel Osteen's of the gospel of prosperity, continue the long tradition begun by the Pharisees of killing Jesus.

Not all Catholics and non-Catholic Christians are café sellouts. All of us, for sure, are sinners. But many of us know that only in the objective Truth of Jesus--found fully in His Catholic Church--can we live life fully in the fully-alive Body of Jesus Christ.

Anywhere else, especially in the popular American Catholic/Christian café, we are just killing the Lord.