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The Cab and The Summer Set go out with a bang (and some ninjas)

Jess Bowen of The Summer Set
Jess Bowen of The Summer Set
photos by Mandi Loranger

If you've never been to the last night of a tour, you're doing yourself a disservice. Some of the most fun can be both had and witnessed if you're lucky enough to attend a tour finale. End of tour pranks run rampant and you may see anything from baby powder on a band's drum heads to duct taping a singer to a guitar, piano seat, microphone, etc.

The Summer Set's set was taken over by shirtless ninjas!
photo by Mandi Loranger

The Everything's Fine Symphony Soldier tour starring The Cab and The Summer Set did not disappoint in this regard nor in the value of musical entertainment brought. A band is capable of further impressing the crowd when they discover how well the musician's can still perform among such crazy disctractions. During the evening of Sunday, February 12 at the Baltimore Soundstage the audience not only enjoyed the music of the headliners plus Paradise Fears, Days Difference, and He Is We but the also enjoyed a drum line, ninjas, cross dressing, and prom-style slow dancing just to name a few.

Unfortunately the singers from both The Cab and The Summer Set (Alex DeLeon and Brian Dales, respectively) were a little under the weath during the show but were still able to make the most of their failing vocal chords as each band played approximately 45 minute sets full of fan favorites and other entertaining hijinks.

The Cab were on tour supporting their new album Symphony Soldier and The Summer Set were supporting their most recent release Everything's Fine. Both albums are available on iTunes.


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