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The Buzz About Breathable Nail Polish

Kiss Complete Care Treatment Systems
Kiss Complete Care Treatment Systems
Kiss Complete Care Treatment Systems

So lately (or at least in the Muslim world) there has been a lot of talk about new breathable nail polish.

Fact: Until now, nail polish was considered to be inconsistent with wudhu because of the physical layer it creates over the nails. This prevents water from cleansing the nails which is a requirement for wudhu. Thanks to our good buddy SCIENCE, Islamic women everywhere can rejoice! Instead of putting on and taking off nail polish multiple times a day this has become an overnight big hit!

The first company on the scene is Inglot Cosmetics, the manufacturer of O2M Breathable Nail Enamel but now many other companies have jumped on board including a favorite of mine - Kiss USA. I recently stumbled across their "Complete Care Treatment Systems" which are broken down into 4 specific focuses:

  • Cuticle Care Complete
  • Repair Complete
  • Strengthening Complete
  • Growth Complete

Each system (except the cuticle care complete) includes the base coat, tinted polish, and top coat. The nail polish is only slightly tinted and totally breathable. It makes a nice break in between wearing other polish (who wears completely naked nails these days! sheesh!) and also a great way to just have fantastic looking natural nails at all times! And little does everyone know - you are repairing, strengthening, and growing your nails!

For more information visit Each set available for $7.99

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