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The 'But I never told anyone' Weekly Update!

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

I don't mind that the Bella twins are a feature on the last few Raw's, but my goodness, I wish they would work on their promo skills. AJ Lee and Diva's Champion Paige (I kind of like Paige if you haven't been paying attention) came out and helped that segment. Lets see what else is going on in wrestling!

  • Phil The Quitter--- There is a report online that CM Quit sent a 20 page letter to the WWE about royalties that hasn't been paid. If this is true, this guy breaches his contract and then threatens to sue for royalties?! He shouldn't worry about the company he quit on, instead just go back to worrying about the wedding picture being online.
  • Night of Champions--- The card for Night of champions is being set up as a rematch between Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and the Miz has been announced. As we get closer to the September 21st PPV, I'll have my preview article with all (announced) matches. Before then I'll have an article out reviewing the first Night of Champions PPV from 2008.
  • Tessa Blanchard--- WWE Hall Of Famer Tully Blanchard from the Four Horsemen (Brainbusters in WWE) has his daughter in the business and she has some potential! Now, I'm not sure how good she is in the ring (most of the Divas are horrid, so she'd fit in if she wasn't a stud in the ring like her old man) but she has a great look. I'm curious to see what the future holds for this performer!
  • DVD releases-- Sting's DVD is scheduled to hit stores on September 23rd. This should be a must buy for any collector and wrestling fan that has waited for a DVD of the Icon. Other Dvds coming out soon are John Cena:greatest rivalries on October 14th, Macho Man:The Randy Savage story November 18th, and The Attitude Era:Volume 2 on November 4th.
  • Monday Night Wars--- Speaking of the Attitude Era, the new (mini-series?) of The Monday Night Wars on the WWE Network has been very good! The most recent one covered the history of DX's part in the wars and brought back a lot of fun memories. More and more people go back to this era as the best, but although it was popular, I don't miss it nearly as much as others. The product couldn't be ladder matches/hardcore matches all the time and couldn't stay that way (there is a reason why it was changed). But at the end of the day, I watch for the matches and wrestling ability of performers, so I'm in the minority usually when it comes to topic's like that.

Chris Jericho had Triple H on his podcast this week and Jim Ross had Stan Hansen as his guest. My recent 'Pro Wrestling's Podcast' article gave a brief highlight of these two shows, but that isn't enough to highlight them. Bully Ray is reportedly in talks to remain with Impact Wrestling, which I would repeat how I wouldn't mind if he had another run in the WWE. As long as he doesnt come back and makes creative do something stupid like have him win the Royal Rumble and have to turn him heel because this new generation of fans appreciate the in-ring ability of the roster (I'm not being specific at all....ok I am). So enjoy the rest of the week, Beaulieve, and get on the WWE Network and watch the Monday Night Wars!

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