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The business of ministry and other eroding things

It's all backwards. It has been the problem since the first century church was grabbed by the tail and "want" set in. No, it wasn't the Catholics and it wasn't indulgences and it still is not the main problem. The disease and erosion of the mind and the heart have been with the human race long before Christianity. It was a faulty business model,paired with lack of accountability and a pressure of performance multiplied by ego and there you have it. What came first, the business or the ministry?

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Business Plans and Capital ideas

At the Ministry of Leadership and Communications the group of journalists, pastors, musicians and producers; artists; lawyers and entrepreneurs, have cracked the right question, throwing out all brainstorm ideas and dismissing many of them as nonsense (which coincidentally began with the brainstorm idea: "There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm.") Many of the men and women lead a group of young missionaries in the inner city of Denver and came to the right idea without conclusion: 'What would cause us to breakthrough the business of ministry model that most churches and organizations fall into?" the relative thinkers concluded that there were many great ideas and models and would approach it that "it all depends on what your definition of truth is." That is actually pretty healthy because the right wing, Christian group decided that by "defining truth an practicing stewardship was the best way to approach the model." Still there were the "fence riders" who said "both ways are right and no way is wrong, let them do whatever!"

The Business of Ministry

So they broke into two groups and 'had it their way' and took an inner city neighborhood with 77 percent unemployment, the medium price for a house slightly under $40,000 and marriage and family life is breaking down, but the divorce rate is low, because most people can't afford the legality. Only 35 of the men and women attend the church in the neighborhood. The group that took the "business of ministry approach" decided that a labor pool would be the best way for the unemployed to crawl out of their situations while still collecting some unemployment and food stamps. The other group went on a different road. The mission statement states that "The Business of Ministry is designed to provide a family assistance and one or both parents, short term jobs."

The Ministry of Business

The strategy of group 2 was to write a ministry of business plan that trained, challenged, and changed the scope of the community by helping men and women start, support and sustain new industries and companies housed in the neighborhood. They decided to do a study on a neighborhood sustainable farm, food bank and grocery store. They also proposed a renovation of the old elementary school building that would be used as a media and arts center. The men and women also agreed on applying for grants to build and renovate a two acre piece of land that was used for Denver Public School's bus barn. The idea is to build and rehab the place into an Inner-City Mission Training Center and Library with a college; a coffee house; and a media center that would train; equip and men and women to study; build community and relationships and reach out to others by continually making the neighborhoods better.

A Tale of two plans

The free enterprise system is designed to be the model that is the ministry of business as opposed to the business of ministry. This is the breakthrough and each community can solve the problem by looking at the model that way. When you look at the business of ministry from a numbers game, the numbers can be crunched in such a way that it leaves a lot of room for greed to seep through. The bottom line is the thing and it creates an environment of competitive dishonesty and half truth. Some make money; yet the community remains a struggle and theft and mistrust is the norm.

Ministry first and everyone profits

When you simply come at it from a ministry first; business next model; it allows for accountability and is built on The Solid Rock. The Ministry of Business is taking the men and women of the community and living life together; caring for people and watching people's backs. It is taking a Biblical approach and living a systematic life, that is powered by the Holy Spirit and is evangelical in nature. When ministry considerations are first and people are empowered to minister to others, everyone wins. Ministry first and everyone profits. This is the only way that when a pastor mentors and equips a young man or couple; gets them on their feet, they won't leave the neighborhood since they are invested in the success of others and the success of the community. For more please e-mail

A new digital book and curriculum are both being developed by Five Points Media Group. The new book is a workshop and workbook called "The Ministry of Business and the Business of Ministry - A Guide in Building Community one Neighborhood at a time."



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