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The Business Chic: Show Your Business a Little TLC on Valentines Day

TLC for Business
TLC for Business
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In light of Valentines day, I thought I'd write a short little piece on giving your business a little TLC. Not everyone has a spouse, significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, life partner or even a lover for goodness sake!

Many business owners are married to their business and said their I Do's many years ago. The problem is that over time, the relationship requires a bit of TLC to keep the fire burning, not to mention the fuel needed to keep the flames big, bright and fire engine red.

Here are a few tips to keep the love alive:

1. Don't Take Your Business for Granted

It's easy to feel confident and sure of yourself when you've been in a solid relationship for years. The problem with this is that although the bond is strong, this doesn't mean that another man, woman (or in this case) business owner can't take your customers right from underneath your nose. Just because you've had strong track record of sales in the past doesn't mean this will always be the case. What are you doing to keep your business satisfied? If you won't do what is necessary, another business owner will.

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Business

In the beginning everything is new, fresh and exciting. The thought of being apart from your business is unbearable. As the years go by, you tend to not spend as much time together as you once did. You start to let things go by the wayside and not pay enough attention as you once did. Believe me, your customers and your competitors are watching. Let yourself go and see how many clients you loose to the other business owner. Keep your website updated with today's technology and marketing material that speaks innovation, professionalism and that is true to your brand.

3. Spend a Little Money on Your Business

When was the last time you spent some cold hard cash on your business? A year or two ago? I'm sure your business still loves you without having received a special gift just because. However, you'd get a lot more love and affection if you did. Spend a bit more on your marketing efforts and put forth an effort to personally ensure that your customers are happy.

Let me know how it goes.

Happy Business Valentines Day!

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