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The Business Chic: 5 Key Areas for Your Marketing Strategy

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What does it take to develop the best marketing strategy for your business regardless of your product or service? Many business owners believe a marketing strategy must be developed by focusing on you’re specific target audience or overall business objective. While this is very true, there are five key areas that a marketing strategy must contain to develop business.

1. Marketing your business surprisingly doesn't begin with marketing your service or product. Selling your business begins with selling yourself. Without having a true ambition for what your service or product is, you will not be able to market your products or services to the public as successfully. Essentially, we are talking about a passion that shines through when you speak directly to your customers or when your employees interact with your customers. Let you and your employees be marketing tools to excite your customers.

2. When dealing with the public, tailor the delivery and idea of your product or service so that your potential customers understand the value that you bring. This is done by understanding the reason why you went into business originally and being honest with yourself in regard to the worth that your product or service provides. If your original passion for going into business was genuine, others will understand that as well and buy into what you're selling.

3. Stay vigilant in explaining to your customers the benefits and overall reasons to why your product or service is essential to them having it and benefiting from it. Exemplifying passion while selling your product or service will clearly be seen by others and this oftentimes creates a trust and respect with customers, which will ultimately develop into a long term business/customer relationship.

4. Differentiation is great when marketing your product or service but simply explaining the differences will not do much good if those differences are not complimented with unique benefits and telling your unique story that will intrigue interest.

And finally...

5. Simply reflect on your own buying habits as a customer and what would inspire you to try a new product or service. You see, we as business owners can all realize that we want to be successful in generating business but we don't always step on the other side of the transaction as buyers and realize what it takes to be sold on a product or service.

Understand your business, be intimate with what your true business goals are, and be sincere with your customer base and you will be a successful business owner.

Until next time,

Dinia, aka "The Business Chic"

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