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The Burning, Yearning for New Ways to Look at Leadership

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WHEW…..Finally landed back at The Country Place.

It’s been a home in the skies for the past several weeks. Las Vegas to speak at the SCTE’s Leadership Conference about conflict in the workplace and behavior patterns. Then to New Mexico where we are negotiating doing a Total Leadership Connections program beginning in 2013 (more later). Finally, we flew to Houston for the Golf Coast Symposium on HR Issues.

Just now am I catching my breath in the absolutely gorgeous spring weather at our retreat center.

What I have learned in our travels these past weeks is the burning, yearning for new ways to look at leadership and what is missing. It is SYSTEMS THINKING!

We get so stuck in the she says/he says or he wants/she wants and never really consider how things fit together. We see the discreet units and not the flow.

I also saw the desire to go beyond the few bullet points or “5 ways to make everyone happy" and really dig deeper into what is going on with the people we work with. Example: when I said that observing, understanding and transforming patterns takes some real work, it is not like making instant pudding. I saw tons of heads nodding in agreement.

When I challenged the myth that “it’s only business, it’s nothing personal” I heard many stories of hurt feelings and disrupted relationships because, well….it is all always personal and unless we understand how systems operate, we will shoot ourselves in the foot (or feet) and wonder why people have stopped talking in true and honest ways.

And even though “Don’t Bring It to Work" is now three years old, it just won its eighth book award, first place in non-fiction from the Paris Book Festival and it is really all about how systems operate in relationships. So, if you haven’t read it, you may want to consider giving it a go.