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The Bunny The Bear Electrify Cleveland’s House Of Blues

Live on stage
Live on stage

Cleveland, OH - The North Coast played host to the return of Buffalo’s The Bunny The Bear last night in direct support of Mindless Self Indulgence .The genre defying act which is part of the Victory Records label has played the city several times before but never like this . Like a fine wine they just get better and better with time .Imagine if Pink Floyd would have come out today with the world in the state it is and the technology that is available I think they would have very much sounded like The Bunny The Bear .On tour in support of their just released new album “ Food Chain ‘ the band is winning over fans one show at a time . The House of Blues stage curtain was drawn until the very last minute and with a blinding fury the audience was hit with a wall of sound and melody . The band started the night with “ Aisle “ and proceeded the onslaught of musical diversity that most acts are hard pressed to match . Up next was : it’s a Long Way From The Esophagus to The Ovaries “ which is a damn funny title but a serious song . The next few songs were “ So Smooth, So Appealing “ “ Hey Allie “ ( one of my favorites ) and “ Pale Green Eyes “ . They then burst in “ Lonely “ and “ In Like Flynn “ and “ First Met You “ and finished the set with “ Ocean Floor “ The band consists of permanent members Matthew “ The Bunny “ Tybor and Chris “ The Bear “ Hutka “ and a back up band of accomplishes musicians in their own right and tonight they were Nathan Charles and Danny Case on guitars Robert Weston on bass and Tommy Vinton III on drums . The bands latest release “ Food Chain “ is available on Victory records and the bands official website is . I highly recommend you see them next time they come to your town . I really hope to see them perform sometime during one of the summer musical festivals , Warped Tour are you listening ? Tell them I sent you !!