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The bunny cafes of Japan

Like many Asian countries, Japan has some interesting things that we might find odd or fascinating. One of those fascinating things is their bunny cafes. They are an odd assortment of shops that offer a variety of items that you can purchase or consume and either get some good bunny time in or bring home a new friend. For some it raises questions about the cleanliness of the restaurant or coffee shop portion of the stores, some have safety concerns for the rabbits and others begin thinking about how something like this might work for shelter animals.

In most of the bunny cafes you will find bunny items such as rabbit shaped deserts and treats as well as bunny decorated items. They also usually have a separate bunny area where you can go and spend time with the little balls of fur. In most of the shops the bunnies in the store are also available for sale. So if you find a furry friend that you want to bring home, you can. These bunny cafes could be described as a pet store with coffee and dessert. More often than not, spending time with an animal will create a place in your heart for it and a bond between the two of you.

Can you imagine having something like this set up here? What if it were for the many animals that are in shelters? Although it might be hard to have a cat or dog café due to the fact that they are predators, a café for prey animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets might make a lot of sense. Not only to help these animals find homes but also for people to learn about the animals. Many people don’t realize just how much personality a bunny or guinea pig has until they have spent some good quality time with them.

So before we scoff at Japan’s crazy bunny cafes, let’s think about the possibilities.

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