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The budino at Il Gatto will leaving you purring for more

here kitty kitty
here kitty kitty

I've been mourning the loss of Figlio for months now and thus hadn't made my way to Il Gatto till this evening. I didn't think Figlio needed to be reborn or refreshed since I liked my ziti and my happy hour just the way it was; but apparently the fine folks at Parsole thought it needed revamping thus "the cat" was born. 

This uptown "kitty" features scratch Italian including fresh seafood, homemade pastas, artisanal breads, burgers and wood fired pizza pies. They still have one of Uptowns most affordable wine lists as well as a good happy hour. Unfortunately, the happy hour specials are only good if you sit in the bar area which is bogus.

Overall, I had a satisfying experience and I dug the new look. Our server was cheerful, friendly, attentive and our wine glasses were never empty. I ordered their spaghetti and meatballs, cause that's just how I roll. It certainly wasn't the best spaghetti i've had but it hit the spot.  There was nothing remarkable about it but it was good. The best thing I can say about it is it tasted fresh if that makes any sense.  My friends tried the spinach pie pizza and they both had positive things to say. My favorite part was dessert (naturally). The budino was excellent and the first dessert i've had that rivals the deliciousness that is the budino from Zelo. While I thought the limoncello which didn't do it for me, tasted like old lemons marinated in sugar and grain alcohol, oh wait that is what it is...I have to admit the presentation was great. 

II Gatto was better than I expected and I'd certainly give "the cat" another go. I advise making reservations since the dining room fills up fast as does the bar.  I do wish they had brought a few more items from the old menu over but the budino makes up for my lost ziti so i'm over it. 

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