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The Brosno Dragon (Russia)

Eats most anything in the water.
Eats most anything in the water.
Mitch Waite

The Brosno Dragon is a sea serpent type creature much like Nessie of Loc Ness but has some slight differences. It lives in Lake Brosno in West Russia and is described as either a dinosaur or dragon with a very large mouth capable of swallowing men, horses, boats and even a German airplane during World War II. It is described by many witnesses as being 16 feet or longer with an iridescent glow to it. Some reports also have it in the Volga River as well.

Science dismisses the Brosno Dragon saying the witnesses are seeing large herds of elk or hogs migrating across the lake giving the appearance of a large creature swimming in the water. Others state that it could be some type of beaver or even a giant fish such as a pike. The theory of it being some type of crocodile or dinosaur is not accepted by most who believe the water and climate is too cold to support a reptile type creature.

Numerous sightings have occurred starting and some date as far back as the 13th century when the army of Tatar-Mongol was stopped by the dragon. The troops and stopped to water the hoses in the lake and received a very big surprise when the Brosno Dragon came up out of the water and attacked the horses and men. Its enormous mouth devoured horses and men alike. The soldiers were so terrified they turned back and headed for home.

A very curious report came from the WWII era when a Nazi airplane was passing over the lake at a low altitude, and the Dragon swallowed up the plane.

As late as 1966 reports from the residents of Brosno Lake were fearful of the creature attacking the villages, and they began fortifying the settlements and homes. The Brosno Dragon was credited with many overturned boats and many missing people.

One interesting theory states the Dragon is not a creature at all, but Hydrogen sulfide from a volcanic vent which boils to the top of the lake causing great swells of water or waves. The gas or waves caused from the gas is suspected to cause many boats to sink, and any one inhaling the gas would become unconscious and sink into the water to drown. However, there has been no volcano or fisher located in the lake.

Does the Brosno Dragon exist? The local people say it does. One thing is for sure, some very strange events have taken place in and on this lake. I don’t believe I would be willing to go swimming there.

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