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'The Brooke Ellison Story' Lifetime movie inspired by accident

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Brooke Ellison Project: Facebook

"The Brooke Ellison Story" is a true-story Lifetime movie based on the story of Brooke Ellison and her mother Jean Ellison. The movie made its debut as an original Christopher Reeve project on A&E in 2004, according to the New York Times.

"The Brooke Ellison Story" synopsis/plot

After an 11-year-old girl is injured in a car wreck, she is left permanently paralyzed. With help and support from her mother, the girl won't let her life as a quadriplegic stop her from fulfilling her dream of becoming a Harvard graduate.

The real Brooke Ellison made headlines in 1990, when the 11-year-old Ward Melville High School student was severely injured in a car accident. Despite her injuries, Brooke and her mother fought for the right for her to continue attending high school and have assistance with her breathing apparatus during school hours. Her story touched everyone in the community.

Christopher Reed was moved by the young girl's story and felt compelled to make a movie about her case. Reed died before the movie aired for the first time, according to ABC News.

Today, Brooke Ellison is known as an advocate for stem cell research.

The movie is occasionally shown on Lifetime Movie Network and Netflix.

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