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The British time traveler returns in August

If you watch the BBC or Netflix you can go back in time. How, is probably your next question, unless you are close friends with H. G. Wells. Of course that would be amazing, but there is a more current way to go and that is with the Doctor. It is really quite simple and only takes the TARDIS, which is of course, a space-time vehicle used by the Time Lords of Gallifrey.

If you are a fan of the travels of the Doctor, then you have also met the evil Dalek, a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutant robots with pinched, annoying voices. If you are salivating to learn more, you must be a Sci-fi fan. However if this is all delightfully familiar to you, then you are one of the millions of Dr. Who fans anxiously awaiting the beginning of a new season.

Dr. Who first met audiences in 1963 and the character has evolved over the years along with our constantly changing technology and beyond our current capabilities. The program has a little bit of everything just like real life, including drama, action, adventure and romance with heavy doses of the dry British wit. Many different actors have had the honor to play the lead role of the Doctor over the years and it is easily explained in the plot line since time lords do regenerate from time to time if they are mortally wounded.

The Doctor returns this summer on Saturday, August 23, 2014. The show began taping in January of this year and for updates you can click here for the Dr. Who website, but be warned there may be spoilers since it is constantly updated.

Peter Capaldi presently plays Dr. Who, but as avid viewers know that can always change at any moment if the Doctor regenerates.

How would you describe the sound the TARDIS makes to someone who has never heard it or seen the show?

This writer recently purchased a mini-refrigerator for the bedroom to store bottled water. You may wonder what that has to do with the TARDIS. After watching several episodes of Dr. Who, the lights were turned out and all was quiet . . . until I heard the TARDIS. It was very close and ready to materialize in the bedroom. Can’t tell you how freaky it was at first until the sound was obviously identified as the new mini-frig. Too bad it wasn’t the Doctor seeking a new companion to share his adventures. Of course, it would be impossible to turn down such an invitation.

If the opportunity arose . . . would you go with the Doctor?

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