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‘The Bridge’ Season 2: Synopses for episodes 9 – 11

'The Bridge'
'The Bridge'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Events are getting intense in FX’s crime drama “The Bridge.” This season, Season 2, has featured a gutsier Marco, as he feels he has very little to lose since the murder of his son. However, Marco has proven to still want to do good and what is right. Below are the synopses for “The Bridge” episodes nine through eleven, that Spoiler TV surfaced on Friday. Spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up with the series.

Episode nine is titled “Rakshasa.” In this episode, Sonya will find herself in a tight spot as Marco races against the clock. Fausto discovers that there is a traitor within his organization. Also, an unexpected meeting unfolds at Red Ridge View. This episode will premiere on Wednesday, September 3.

“Eidolon” is episode 10, and it will feature Sonya and Marco going through the fallout. Hank will obtain a valuable bargaining chip. Frye and Adriana will dig into the CIA further. And Fausto will make a move he can’t take back. This episode will premiere on Wednesday, September 10.

Finally, episode 11, “Beholder,” will show Marco breaking his relationship with Fausto, while Sonya squares off with Eleanor. Linder and Eva discuss what’s coming next for them. Meanwhile, Frye and Adriana will uncover a rift between agencies. This episode will premiere on Wednesday, September 17.

“The Bridge” Season 2, episode eight, “Goliath,” premieres Wednesday, August 27 on FX. Stay tuned for the latest information and spoilers as we learn it!