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The Bridge is closed but South Knox is open

A look from the air at South Knox, the river and downtown
A look from the air at South Knox, the river and downtown

Just because the Henley street bridge isn't open doesn't mean you shouldn't head south this spring and see what South Knoxville has to offer. Shopping, sight seeing, dining, hiking, mountain biking, it's all south of the Frech Broad. Head down James White Parkway, take the Gay street bridge or cut across from Alcoa highway, it's still quick and easy to get to South Knox. Here are highlights along Chapman highway.

Looking for some new tunes? The disc exchange is a Knoxville's tower records. Take a look at their clothing selection while you're there too. Are you a vinyl fan or know one? Keep heading down the street for a bigger selection at Basement Records, 5009 Chapman Highway. And for the collectors, check out the Comic Exchange at 3711 Chapman Highway. Little known fact: the Big Lots on Chapman highway has a suprisingly large and reasonably-priced selection of brand new furniture, who knew?

Some of the best pizza in town is at I Love NY Pizza, plus the resaurant itself is like a little musuem. Mix it up for lunch and try their slice with one-topping, drink and salad with mixed greens for six bucks or head there for dinner and get a bucket of beer with some buddies. They have a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan by the bottle as well as the usuals and always something else special on draft. Ted, the owner, always has on an excellant pandora station while you check out the decor of this funky hidden gem. Don't forget about King Tuts (BYOB) at 4132 Martin Mill Pike, another Knoxville Classic, always a good time with a group of friends if you've got a birthday or any other reason to celebrate.

The City of Knoxville has created a website, to make sure it's not forgotten over there on the other side of the old falling down bridge. It has resources for contruction and detour information. It also has ideas for what to do and where to do it. There's a list of parks, businesses and even a link dedicated to the waterfront on the south side of the river. So what are you waiting for? Round up the friends and head to King Tuts, or go for a walk in the woods in the wilderness of South Knoxville!