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'The Bridge:' Dark and intense detective drama

Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir from The Bridge
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Last night the second season of “The Bridge” began. This is an intense and intelligent detective drama located in El Paso, TX. at the border with Mexico. Two detectives, Sonya Cross, -Diane Kruger- from El Paso PD, and her counterpart from the Chihuahua State Police Marco Ruiz, -Demian Bichir-. Come together to investigate gruesome crimes taken place at the border.

This is an intense drama that plays on the border between the USA and Mexico, where a handful of honest men and women are plagued by an enemy of corruption and brutality that takes what it wants without remorse or concern for those being hurt. Women are kidnapped to satiate the sick desires of corrupt men and then sent to some sordid underground brothel to be used and abused by men of no morality or sense of humanity, and when these defenseless women are of no value, or perhaps try to escape then they are disposed off in the most brutal manner and thus intimidate those who even think of leaving, or worse even speak of those evil men.

Sonya Cross is a woman of dedication, at first look appears as one who is confused, but in reality she is haunted by the death of her sister, who years before was abducted, raped, and murder by a man who is now in prison and dying. Her passion arises from time to time in an impulsive way to seduce certain men for a one night stand, but she has too many conflicting and unresolved issues that prevent her from getting involved in matters of the heart. Marco Ruiz on the other hand is still reeling from the murder of his son last season by a man who at one point was his friend, the desire for revenge still overwhelms him, and with the persistence of a violent and ruthless drug trafficker who offers him assistance in murdering the man, -obviously to have the honest policeman in his debt-, does not make his painful existence any easier.

There are many subplots, such as the news reporter who is a recovering alcoholic and believes that by plunging into his work, he can excise his inner demons, then there is his assistant a woman of Mexican descent who not only battles with her mother’s rejection for her being gay, but also must come to terms with the possibility that her sister who recently disappeared, might be already dead. Also, some residents of El Paso try to provide a safe place for those women who escape the clutches of the criminals back in Juarez, however, these men refuse to lose and try at all costs to get those escapees back. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“The Bridge” runs on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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