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The Brenthaven Story

Brenthaven wheeled case
Brenthaven wheeled case
Courtesy Brenthaven

Brenthaven is an exceptional corporation. They design and manufacture premium cases for mobile technology used as briefcases, camera cases and iPad cases. They have become Apple’s carrying case of choice, so when you go to the nearest Apple store to pick up your new Mac they may well offer you a Brenthaven bag as the first recommendation. Brenthaven is so hand in glove with Apple that when Apple opened their first store in England they took Brenthaven cases as one of their earliest recommended offerings.

That is not the only quality which makes Brenthaven cases exceptional. They also manufacture bags with as small a carbon foot print as possible. This is a stated goal of the corporation and is in all of their promotional material. The cases are all lifetime guaranteed and the quality is evident in everything they produce.

I was sent a couple of these Brenthaven cases to examine and review. I received a rolling case, made for the overburdened businessman or woman. It has a long handle and wheels so it is built to carry your computer and all those files which follow one everywhere that business is done, but do it almost effortlessly. You can arrive without straining the wardrobe. There is a padded section to protect your laptop as you cruise along the city streets. I can’t say enough good about this case!

The other item I was sent is a camera case. It has three pockets inside for carrying a camera body, a flash, a lens and perhaps a monopod or a retractable tripod. It can be attached to your belt or carried over the shoulder. It is the only camera case that I have ever seen that has a raincoat! There is a tiny plasticine cover which covers the bag in the rain. Very cool.

So, if you want to support the environment, get a durable, lightweight bag which has a 100% lifetime guarantee, get a Brenthaven. I’ll never buy anything else.

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