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The Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Plan: Do you have one?

Are you ready to be published?
Are you ready to be published?
by Janice Hermsen

As an indie book publisher, we have writers that walk in the door every day that tell us they want to be best-selling authors. They work diligently to create a product that meets the standards of any Big Five Publisher.

Whether an author is traditionally published or self-published, these authors honestly feel like “they are the one”. They just know they have achieved “The Great American Novel!”

It would be disingenuous to believe that every author could be at that level. A more believable scenario is that some unknown authors can make a name for themselves as evidenced by Darcie Chan’s debut novel that hit best-selling status in 2011.

The internet allows just about anyone to have a platform. A platform is one thing. A best-selling novel is a very different thing.
To each author that darkens our publishing door with the inevitable statement: “My novel will be the next best-seller”, we have a new question. The question? “How bad do you want it?”

Once they answer that they want it “bad”, we ask the author to provide a calendar.

Outline and respond to the following:
1. Create a calendar for the next 30 days.
2. Outline 3 things you will do DAILY to move your book forward (A Jack Canfield technique, Success Principles).
3. Provide a breakdown of results and next steps after 30 days has elapsed.

It might look something like this:

We call it the Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Plan or BLDP

June 1
Before Breakfast: Tweet a message about the latest publishing news (for a book about publishing books).
After Lunch: Post a link on Facebook about the upcoming book release
Before Dinner: Do a short blog to inspire writers to write every day.

The rest of the month would include a variety of tasks (3 per day) including phone calls to prospective distributors or stores, articles, networking events, lunches with people who might help spread the word, dinner where part of the tip is a card giving a free autographed copy of the soon to be released book to the server (tip would be appropriate amount-don’t want to stiff the server) and on and on.

The BLDP does not end in 30 days. Part of the first 30 day calendar includes scheduling when the next 30 day calendar will be created and the follow up with the team to determine what was successful and what was not.

If the writer/author is willing to pursue the BLD Plan, they might be on the road to success and they might find a publisher willing to invest in them. (Wink, wink).

So authors, how bad do you want it?

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