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The break dancer

Come on people, let's give credit where credit is due. To all you Break Dancers, this one is for you!  Hip hop is one of the most viewed dance in the entertainment business.  Break dancing is part of that culture.  Each individual brings their own style and flavor to the dance floor.  They can combine their fresh dance along with breakn'  moves making each individual unique.  Hip hop has come a long way since 1925 when Earl Tucker ("Snake Hips") performed at the Cotton Club.  His floats and back slides are similar to those of the break dancer today.

Joel Silberg, Sam Firstenberg

Chicago has many pioneers in break dancing.  There are quite a few old school dance crews still performing today.  Amongst them are PhazeII, Chicago Champions, Brickheads and many others.  Since 1983 PhazeII has been breakn' and styling their moves throughout Chicago and many other cities and countries.  They have competed with crews all over the world and have won countless battles.  Staying true to their crew, they have carried their pride and original dance moves throughout the years.  They are one of the few break dancing crews that have received proper recognition for their talent and success.  Check out their performance and learn what  it is to be a true breaker!


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