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'The Bourne Legacy' in theaters

"The Bourne Legacy" is just the latest in the series of action movies about American super-spies. Jeremy Renner replaces Matt Damon as a Treadstone agent who goes rogue and, you know, blows stuff up. After all, according to the trailer - "Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg."

'The Bourne Legacy' starring Jeremy Renner
Bourne Film Productions, 2012

Renner first came onto the big screen with the critically acclaimed "Hurt Locker", a character study on the brutal effects of war and violence. Since then, he's gotten (a bit) more popularity as Hawkeye in the summer blockbuster "The Avengers", and it's easy to see why. Renner seems like he was built for the genre.

Watch the trailer for the "The Bourne Legacy" and see what you think. Then catch the movie in theaters.


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