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The Boulder Brew Bus starts up June 20th

Boulder Beer Bus Tours
Boulder Beer Bus Tours
West End Tavern

If you've spent any time in Boulder, then you've probably seen the Banjo Billy bus giving history and sight-seeing tours of the People's Republic.  Now they're planning on a tour of Boulder breweries starting on June 20th.

You’ll board Banjo Billy’s private, funky bus right outside the West End Tavern.  The first stop will be Upslope - featuring their Maxim-lauded pale ale and india pale ale.  Then onto Twisted Pine, where you might be able to try their new world's spiciest beer Ghost Face Killah and infinitely more mild Le Petite Saison along with their amber and Hoppy Boy selections.  The tour then ends with Avery before returning to the West End Tavern where they will provide a complimentary appetizer.

This is definitely the responsible and awesome way to take a tour of all North Boulder breweries.