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The bottom line: Comings and goings

Celtics hope Jabari Parker will be playing for them next season.
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

February has been a month of change. Some players have been traded, some notable media people are retiring, and some legends have, sadly, passed away. It is also a month for remembrance. Here is this week's bottom line:

  • I couldn't be happier for an athlete than I am for MarShon Brooks after he got traded (yet again) from Golden State to the L.A. Lakers. He will get the chance to play alongside his childhood idol, Kobe Bryant.
  • MarShon has been traded so many times that his Twitter bio is two teams behind. He still lists himself as the shooting guard for the Boston Celtics.
  • R.I.P. Harold Ramis. I don't think I ever saw him not smiling (pardon the double negative). And that makes me smile.
  • Boston and Providence will be losing two icons of reporting to retirement-- sports reporter Mike Dowling of WCVB-TV and investigative reporter Jim Taricani of WJAR-TV.
  • Congratulation to former Providence College Friars point guard and current Florida head coach, Billy Donovan, on having the top-ranked college basketball team. I wish he could have been the Providence head coach all these years.
  • One can't complain about the current Friars' head coach, though. Ed Cooley deserves Coach of the Year honors in the Big East for what he has done with a team with absolutely no bench.
  • Speaking of the Friars, it looks like Josh Fortune has turned a corner. He looks primed to take the baton from Bryce Cotton who took it from MarShon Brooks.
  • Homer Bailey is worth $105 million? I bet he doesn't win more than 60 games over the next six years.
  • Speaking of Baileys, did you see where the Yankees signed Andrew Bailey? They are also said to be looking at Joel Hanrahan. I guess they were impressed with the Red Sox bullpen last April.
  • Duke's Jabari Parker is the best player in college basketball... and it's not even close!
  • Syracuse's Tyler Ennis will be a better NBA player than Kansas' Andrew Wiggins. There- I said it.
  • Rhode Islander's favorite real life video game is Pothole.
  • Hard to believe it has been eleven years since The Station Fire. My thoughts and prayers go out every day to the families of all the victims.
  • I didn't watch much of the Winter Olympics, but I did catch the final few minutes of the USA's women's hockey game loss to Canada. It's unfair to call it a choke job.
  • What does it say about the Olympics when the thing I will remember the most will be Bob Costas' eye infections?
  • For the first time since Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon has made The Tonight Show must-watch TV again.
  • Yeah, Aaron Hernandez doesn't have much of a temper.
  • Did you see where Glen "Big Baby" Davis has been reunited with Doc Rivers in L.A.? Don't know if that is a good thing.
  • I'm starting to think Kelly Olynyk might not be anything more than Travis Knight.
  • Have to give the Celtics credit, after struggling with it in the beginning of the season, they now have tanking down to a science.
  • Just what the NFL needs-- give the officials yet another excuse to throw a flag (have to make sure I don't mistype that last word).
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