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The Boston Bomber’s Latest Charges – Puppy Love? Modern Hybristophilia, Prt II

The battle cry of the most current version of Hybristophiliac - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is CLEARLY innocent.  Some last minute scribbling on the inner wall of a bullet riddled boat may be quieting that noise down sooner than later.
The battle cry of the most current version of Hybristophiliac - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is CLEARLY innocent. Some last minute scribbling on the inner wall of a bullet riddled boat may be quieting that noise down sooner than later.

The Boston Marathon Bomber’s Latest Charges – Super Cuteness and Puppy Love? Hybristophilia in the Modern Age
Part II

By: Brad Kronen

“You have heard of a woman’s glory
Being spent on a downright cur.
Still you can’t always judge the story
As true being told by her.”

- Excerpt from the poem, “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde”, by Bonnie Parker, 1932

In an incredibly brief period of time, we humans have made some major strides in regards to categorizing, and even recognizing psychological disorders, both of the individualized and societal varieties.

The initial undertaking to hypothesize whether the possibility even existed for a mental disorder or psychosis to influence society as a whole occurred while our collective minds were still grappling and integrating with the best approaches of both disseminating and retrieving statistical data. Although a smidge limited in scope, with next to no detail of differentiation, Kudos still must go to the sociological trailblazers who devised the Census of 1840, which listed quite the psychologically revealing ( in a mass blanketed kind of way) section at the very end of its questionnaire.

A check off column entitled, “Idiocy/Insanity”.

Since that banner year of 1840, society has come to realize that there are oodles more afflictions of the human mind besides the 2 uber-generalized venues of either being categorized as “cukoo”, or of one’s mental capabilities being reduced to those of a sub-intelligent dullard.

Not even a century would pass before a woman would criminally pounce into public prominence by virtue of her sociopathic, law breaking behavior. Aberrant behavior which centered entirely around, and was utterly motivated by, one solitary source – the approval of a convicted thug with whom she was having both emotional, and vastly more importantly, sexual relations with at that time.

Bonnie Parker’s overt sexual attraction and blatant lust for petty thief and murderer, Clyde Barrow, was so notoriously noteworthy, it spurned the birth of a new mental disorder which was named in honor of both her, and the warped object of her sexual affections’ – Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.

Thus, Hybristophilia was officially born.

Part I of this series discussed how the sociological phenomenon of notorious serial killers and famed criminals from the past had attracted a large number of hybristophiliacs, and that this trend is repeating itself in the modern day, as evidenced by The Boston Marathon Bomber’s female fan clubs currently springing up on various social media sites throughout the internet. As a professional astrologer, I theorize that the current trend of Hybristophilia is far from isolated and will most likely rise and expand over time, based on 2 astrological factors:

- A strong “nurturing need” emanating from within the birth charts of those whose crimes have propelled them into the spotlight of fame
- The current positioning in the sky of the planet Neptune placed in its ruling sign of Pisces.

Ask the astrological community which planet’s influences hold the most detrimental potential to society and the vast majority of resounding responses will be either “Saturn” or “Pluto”.

I could not more wholeheartedly disagree.

Back in 2011, I wrote a 4 part series dedicated to the planet I thought to be the most societally challenging, since it was entering the sign of its rulership for the next decade and a half, from February of 2012 until March of 2025 . In the first part of that Series, I tried my best to provide an overview of this planet’s fiendishly difficult traits and influences in the most simple and direct of terms. To quote myself:

“Neptune is the planet of UN-reality. Anything Neptune touches or is near becomes hazy, fuzzily glossed over… Neptune oversees illusion, fantasy, deception, and addiction amongst other power players in the negative spectrum. Conversely, Neptune rules over such positive things such as Psychic Abilities, Unconditional Love, Charity for the Underdog and Downtrodden of the World, Spirituality that is Universal, as well as the highest of Aesthetics or Art Forms.

In either spectrum of positive or negative, evolved or unevolved, Neptune's strongest power over the psyche of Man which I consider to be one of the most dangerous of any of the planets' influences is the need for the Self to escape reality and lose itself in "the Other".

The above applies to both the planet Neptune as well as the sign it rules over, Pisces. Put the planet together with its ruling sign and the end result is an extra emphasis of those Neptunian influences now and for the next 12 years following. With the Watery Planet anchored in its ruling deep sea sign until 2025, Neptune’s influences will be at their most societally potent levels since the time of its discovery by we Earth folk in 1846. And since distortion and delusion are chief among the list of Neptunian qualities, why not distort something first thought of to be an “evolved” trait, such as “Charity for the Underdog and Downtrodden” and transform into something altogether delusional, like Hybristophilia!

Part I also mentioned how this particular mental disorder emerges from a variety of causes. The actions displayed by the latest examples of Boston Bomber hybristophiliacs appear to be based in the Neptunian trait of charity towards the Underdog, but with an altogether delusional approach of romantic idealism mixed with a distortedly warped need to nurture.

Intriguingly, even those not afflicted with the mentally impairing traits of Hybristophilia are feeling Neptune's tidal like pull to nurture the underdog. Case in point, the following headline on May 20th from The Washington Times:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Nurses Admit It's Hard Not To Call Him 'Hon'

In Astrology, the Water signs, Scorpio, Pisces, and especially the sign of Cancer, along with that sign’s planetary ruler, The Moon, oversee the palette of human emotion, including any kind of maternal feelings, most especially of the nurturing kind.

In fact, anything having to do with mothering, child rearing, the emotional bond developed between mother and child, even breast feeding, of both the physical and psychological varieties, are all symbolically represented by The Moon and its ruling sign of Cancer.

With that said, the Sun astrologically represents one’s overall ego, or sense of self. Whereas the Moon is the most maternal of planets, the Sun relates to one’s father, or the paternal influences in a person’s life. When a planet is placed at the 29th degree of a sign, it is said to be highly karmic, due to it being positioned at the very last degree of a sign before a new one begins. When the Sun is the heavenly body in question placed at the 29th degree, the energy emanated by a person is of a “lost one”. The evolutionary theory behind a person being born with a 29 degree Sun is the perception of not having a father, or paternal influence during the developmental years. The soul or subconscious of the person with the 29 degree Sun perceives there was no reinforcement with their sense of self-awareness by a paternal force as they grew towards adulthood.

The tricky part is with a 29 degree Sun, the father could very well have been present during the person’s developmental years, but the person’s soul or subconscious perceived him to be absent or unavailable, even if physically there.

Now, let’s take everything that’s been said about Neptune currently in the Heavens in the sign of its rulership and its effect on Hybristophiliacs, along with the sign of Cancer and its association with maternal nurturing, as well as the Sun at 29 degrees and it rendering the psychological effect of a person being a “lost one”, put them altogether and what do you get?

The Boston Marathon Bomber

Not only was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev born with a 29 degree Sun, with his date of birth being July 22nd, this particular “lost one” was born during the very last degree of the nurturing sign of Cancer.

Neptune’s real time power to socially distort has merged in synch with a 19 year old being brought before the eye of the public who emanates a strong karmic pull, by being born beneath the sign of the Mommy, along with his public personae being further exacerbated with the perceived projection of an overall lost sense of self.

Resulting in the Boston Bomber's fan clubs of hybristophiliacs springing forth today.

Despite foreseeing an increasing trend of Hybristophilia over the next decade, Neptune’s heightened planetary influences over this upcoming period should more than likely give society the ability to see with total clarity that behavior of this kind is, at its core, truly distorted and delusional, and not indicative of the collective mindset of Man as it evolves into the 21st century and beyond.


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