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The Bosco: low-key weeknights are a city treasure

Bosco's atmosphere is alluring.
Bosco's atmosphere is alluring.

Most of the time a bar labeled a “best kept secret” is a hole in the wall; a shabby, small and well hidden building that might not pass for inspection. Sure, they may have amazing drink specials, a good juke box and a nice crowd but is it someplace you want to go for anything other than watching a latest sporting event? Probably not.

The Bosco, located in Ferndale, is just as hidden as its uglier counterparts but it’s in plain site. No sign, nothing indicating its presence other than a series of illuminated frosted glass boxes lit with a green apple glow. Inside lies a dark, mysterious interior complete with illuminated bar, stylish couches and a wooded background against the wall. It’s posh and relaxed all at once.

The Bosco may be a hot spot on the weekends when it has locally famous DJ’s spinning but what about on a weeknight? Despite the usual early-to-rise policy most keep during the week, the Bosco is open Tuesday through Saturday and is the perfect spot to spend a quiet evening sipping on some cocktails.

Each night at the Bosco has a theme, all offering drink specials and levels of musical entertainment. Tuesdays are passport night where those who flash a passport get two-dollar premium well drinks; Wednesdays are barely legal nights where youngin’s twenty-one to twenty-four receive drink specials; Thursdays are stimulus night with two buck drinks from eight to ten.

If you’re looking to relax in the dark corners of the establishment to partake in intimate conversation then Tuesday and Wednesday might be your best bet. And, of course, there is also the weekend fun the Bosco has to offer including guest DJ’s on Friday and Saturday’s prime cuts, which is the Bosco’s own blend of music that is available for purchase.

Any venture you take to the Bosco is bound to end up in good memories with great people. And hopefully it’ll become your own little city secret.

The Bosco is located at 22930 Woodward Avenue in Ferndale.


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