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The border shell game

No mas
No mas

Once again our borders are in the news and once again we the sheeple are bamboozled.

This recent coverage of children flooding the border has absolutely nothing to do with human rights of children. If our government of supposed public servants or any other government on earth gave a damn about the rights of children there wouldn’t be deaths of 21 thousand of them each and every day from malnutrition and neglect. It is appalling that the powers that be will stoop so low as to use innocent children to further their agenda of higher profits driven by greed and gluttony.

There is some good nuts and bolts reporting about the logistical failures of our border policies and for those you can read the work of Breitbart’s Brandon Darby. He does some quality first hand reporting from the border and not from an office in New York. But what is happening is not the systemic issue, why is what’s happening is the root of the issue. The border events are not random events, they are planned. Both parties while creating an illusion of disagreement on border policy actually favor porous borders because of the lust for money. Both parties, financial backers profit from open borders, which is the bottom line.

The Democratic party generally known as the party of wage earners favors open borders because they can benefit by easily indoctrinated Hispanic voters to consolidate power which is used by the elite corporations whose major shareholders are the Warren Buffets types that need gullible people to fall for their cute lizard commercials and buy insurance from their company to further increase their wealth. Not to mention the businesses that support the Democratic Party also like the allure of cheap labor illegal immigrants offer. The Democratic Party is an equal opportunity exploiter. It all boils down to greed but they are not alone, they have their partners, the Republican Party.

The Republican Party more known as the party of employers also favors open borders for the exact same reasons their partners the Democrats do while all alone maintaining an illusion that they differ. Some of the elite backers of the Republican Party are tied to the housing and construction industry. They are the obvious beneficiaries’ of cheap labor because most of America is built on the back of illegal immigrants. Even our roads and highways are built by illegal immigrants. If not for illegal immigrants who would mow our lawns? How can that be that our government employees illegal immigrants? Isn’t that illegal and hypocritical? Yes it is but that’s not as troubling as the masses that drive by thousands of government funded projects like road work and don’t even notice who is doing the work. It’s right in front of our faces and we are oblivious to the reality. We collectively via ignorance get exactly what we ask for. Yes all governments from the Fed down to local employ illegal immigrants under the cloak of subcontractors that afford them plausible deniability and we are oblivious to the hypocrisy due to our own blindness or refusal to face reality. We must take responsibility of this country which we own and be individually accountable for all that goes wrong as well as what goes right.

And all the time we are focused on our southern border the millions of Asian illegal immigrants coming down from the north goes virtually unnoticed by the same illusionary design that controls the southern border. They in fact out number the Hispanics yet no attention is focused on them. This is also by design.

So in a nut shell an illusion is created that the party of wage earners has different stance about the border than the party of employers when in fact both parties are the same for the exact same reason, greed. This all fits in with separating us in to groups in order to keep us from being on the same page of doing the right things. It’s a flaw in human nature that we can’t seem to over come because we put ourselves higher than we should be on the priority scale. Individually we are nobodies on a planet of 7 billion but collectively we are all of humanity. This also applies to America, individually we are nobody but collectively we are America. So to achieve a better union we must achieve a better self.

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