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The Border Crisis...Beware This Trojan Horse

The Border Crisis...Beware This Trojan Horse
The Border Crisis...Beware This Trojan Horse
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From Greek mythology the story of the Trojan Horse tells of the fate of the people of Troy when the Greeks who had been trying to penetrate their walls for years had failed and so they constructed a giant horse which they secretly filled with their soldiers and brought it to Troy and left it there.

The Trojans believing the war was over, eventually dragged the horse into the city.

Then under the cover of night the Greeks attacked and the City of Troy and the Trojans lay in defeat.

As the story goes: The Acheans ( Greeks) entered the city and killed the sleeping population. A massacre followed which continued into the day.

  • Blood ran in torrents, drenched was all the earth,
  • As Trojans and their alien helpers died.
  • Here were men lying quelled by bitter death
  • All up and down the city in their blood.”

Though the story of the Trojan Horse is taken from Greek mythology it in no way negates the relevance to our real life situation with “The Border Crisis.”

The Border crisis is a crisis of Obama and his administration's own creation.

The influx of these illegals is no less than a "Trojan Horse" for America.

These illegal aliens are not the "Children" that the mainstream media would have you believe.

There is very little diaper changing going on at the border as most all of these illegals from Central America, are corrupted,violent, criminal males between the ages of 13 and 17.

They also represent a fierce public health crisis because they bring Scabies, Lice, Measles, Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis and a whole host of other communicable and sexually transmitted diseases, into the United States with them.

Also, once they are here, their illegal parents and other family members won't be far behind.

Many have stated that it is clear that the purpose of bringing these illegals here is to harm the US by corrupting the electorate and the electoral process of this Nation. For these illegals when they are old enough and their parents along with them will surely vote for the party that gives them their “free ride.”

As Americans cry out for these people to be "Deported immediately, " Obama does nothing to do the will of the majority of the American people who want all these illegals, sent back to wherever they came from and for our Borders to be closed and secured.

These illegals are not citizens of the US and as such, they have no rights and no due process and should not be afforded anything paid for by the American people other than a bus ride back to where they came from with strict instructions "never to return illegally."

It is my hope that both houses of Congress will do their duty to the American people, that they will move quickly to dismantle and stop this Trojan Horse aka “The Border Crisis” by deporting every single one of these illegal aliens immediately.

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