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The Book Rack - local bookstore review

The Boo Rack Logo
The Boo Rack Logo
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The Book Rack is a locally owned used book store located inside the Cheyenne Plaza at 3583 East Lincolnway. It is a small bookstore situated in in the wedge between Dollar Tree and Checker’s Auto Parts. Although it is part of a chain store, each store is individually owned.

The store offers a change in atmosphere from large bookstore chains like Barnes and Nobles. It has the feel of a small town library with books piled high on the shelves and little empty space to be found. The only problem with the atmosphere is that it lacks the most basic element which should be present in bookstores: a place to sit and relax while reading a chapter or two of a book in order to determine whether you wish to buy it or not.

As for the books themselves, there is an incredible selection of books, mostly fiction, to choose from. Some of the books that can be purchased there are out of print and are hard to find anyplace apart from The books are reasonably priced at half the retail price for the book, were you to buy it new, and some even lower as books that are retail priced with a $X.50 tag are rounded down to the nearest dollar amount and then halved ($7.50 new becomes $3.50 at The Book Rack).

The major drawback for The Book Rack is the disarray of the books. The books are put into categories: major categories are posted from signs hanging from the ceiling while other categories just have small signs posted above the book shelf. In addition, the books themselves seem to have no order to them. At first glance, they appear to be in alphabetical order based on the author’s last name, but it appears that the employees got tired of alphabetizing and eventually just started stuffing books wherever there was an available spot for them.

As such, if you are going to The Book Rack with a specific title in mind, it may be easier to ask an employee for help or try some other store, but if you just want to wander around until something unexpected jumps out at you and you think, “I’ve got to get that book,” The Book Rack could be your place to find great deals and titles you didn’t know existed.