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The Book Of Eli

Theatrical Poster
Theatrical Poster

As Eli (Denzel Washington) walks through the desolate plains of a futuristic world where humans have almost been wiped off the earth, and tells himself that things that push him away from his immediate goal are just 'not his concern'. Little does he know that his concern will be keeping himself and the last remaining Bible on earth safe from the clutches of notorious and violent book collector Carnegie (Gary Oldman).

The Book Of Eli is a dark and violent tale of what one man will do to protect a book that gives him ultimate hope and faith in humanity and the world around him. Denzel Washington is stellar in darker roles, and his his portrayal of Eli hails back to his roles in films like Training Day and Man On Fire. He is taking no prisoners, and this is exactly the type of strong role that Washington is suited to.

After some softer roles as of late, Oldman is back to doing what he does best. He is a top-notch bad guy, and The Book Of Eli proves that, once again, Oldman in an angry, darker role is highly entertaining. Mila Kunis also stars, and seems to be overcoming the light, sunny aura that she received from all her years on hit sitcom That 70's Show. She spreads her wings and works well with veteran actors Washington and Oldman here.

All in all, The Book Of Eli is the type of film some audiences crave during this time of year. With Sundance approaching, and Oscar season in full swing, sometimes an escapist action flick with some decent acting is just what is needed. If you're looking for an entertaining time at the cinema, and you want to remember what it's like to have fun at the movies, open The Book Of Eli today.