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The Bonanzle tribe

   Bill Harding's vision started out simple enough - make it

simpler. He was moving and wanted to sell some things he did

not want to take with him. From Craigslist to eBay, he tried

and decided their had to be a simpler way to do.

   Hence Bonanzle was originally born as an alternative to

Craigslist with an emphasis on local buying and selling,

communication and simplicity. Many of the aspects of Bonanzle

were and still are completely unique like the quick text and

booth chat feature.

    Then the dissatisfied eBay sellers arrived, the site

population exploded and Bonanzle inadvertently created its own

    In his book, Tribes, Seth Godin defines a tribe as "a group of

people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and

connected to an idea".  This is exactly what has occurred here.

    Many have asked the question how did this little site grow

more in one year than eBay did in two? What is it? The answers

to that question have gone from one extreme to another, but the

root of it is - You just can't really put your finger on it.

    The site users are connected as eCommerce merchants, the idea

is there must be a simpler way, the leader is Bill Harding

    Bonanzle was created, ready to lead, and a tribe arrived,

ready to be led, to simpler eCommerce.

  Dissecting exactly what aspects made this tribe happen, I leave to you.


  • cultish 5 years ago

    You make this site sound even more like a cult than I have read else where, Just remember do not drink the Kool Aid.

  • JFK 5 years ago

    That Bonanzle grew faster than eBay is just a sign of the age we live in.
    The Internet age :-)
    When eBay started out not many people even had a PC.

  • kw 5 years ago

    Hmm ... grumpy comments so far. I started on ebay in 1997 and lots of people had PCs. How do you think ebay grew so fast? It wasn't the dark ages.
    Comments about drinking the kool-aid probably rank high on Google search. It's an old and now meaningless phrase.
    I would suggest people give a little credit to Bonanzle for being the right idea at the right time. At the rate Bonanzle is growing a lot of people think highly of them.

  • MoviesMediaMore 5 years ago

    What you call a cult, we call a community. Cults are a group of people that are so mesmerized by their leaders message, they don't realize they're headed down a path of destruction. They are so ignorant and blinded to such obvious facts, they continue to remain a part of that cult.

    Does this sound familiar?

    A light is shining on Bonanzle and that light is bright. That light is, and will continue, to guide us to continued success.

    It will also help us avoid the major, self destructive mistakes made by other sites.

    I wish that success was a flavor, because if you are offering koolaid drinks, almost all bonanzle members would be drinking doubles.

  • Renagade 5 years ago

    Good points made in the article.
    Did the unhappy 'tribe' of ebayers move to Bonanzle? Yes, many have and many more are still doing so. And they are also coming from the smaller sites as well.
    Does the 'new' age of internet play a role in the growth? Of course it does. But it does not take away from the fact that with the many many other marketplaces on the web, Bonanzle's growth rate is Phenomenal.
    As far as people referring Bonanzle to a 'Cult' .. just like eBay, and other marketplaces on the web, you do have your 'cheerleaders' for the site and you do have your haters of the place. You also have those little cliques, gangs, groups, who have nothing more to do than bash or rah rah... whatever the case or cause maybe, and you have your serious sellers both professional and hobbists, who simply think Bonanzle is a good solid platform with much potenial.

  • Alilbirdy2 5 years ago

    when I came to Bonanzle, it was just one of many I had tried. I had tried many other venues, trying to find one away from the large one I was on, where policies were changeing faster than you could change your socks. Most of those other venues were tiny and not going anywhere.
    Then I tried Bonanzle, it was simple, easy to use, and the memebers on the forum were so helpful.
    I decided to stay with Bonanzle and see where it took me. I Have to say Bonanzle is the best of the ones I have tried. I'll stay with them.

  • jsgeare 5 years ago

    Bottom line is that Bonanzle gives me for free what I would otherwise have to buy or create on my own - a place where I can list and sell product with no concern about or cost of adapting a shopping cart system to my own website or running a total ecommerce "solution." Instead, I can concentrate on what I really need - the SALES.

    And the pay-off is happening. A functional platform owned and operated by an enlightened few folks who are accessible, talented, and involved.

    There's no magic here: sales don't just fall out of the sky -you've got to work for them. What a concept - work! Who knew? And the mere expenditure of energy isn't enough, either; you need to know who your buyers are, where to find them and how to talk to them. The expectation of sales just appearing by magic or the hope that energetic promotion will pay in step with effort, have resulted in disappointment for some. Bonanzle doesn't promise success, just a place to take your shot at minimal cost. It works for me.

  • Memaws16 5 years ago

    Another great article and hits the nail on the head. Have been a member for over a year and it keeps getting better and better, sales too! Improvements are made constantly and the owners listed to their sellers unlike other sites. Customer Support is awesome, sometimes immediate answers and any problems are taken care of in a timely manner. Sales are increasing, I had a great November and December is starting out the same way. Come see what all the fuss is about!

  • mjg 5 years ago

    Another meaningless site as far as I can tell. Sellers are leaving as quickly as they signed up. Listing numbers are falling everyday. Don't believe it? Watch them fall on powersellersunite. It did'nt take too long for the discontent to set in. Post being pulled, dmving for no reason. Lots of stupid glitches, new tools that don't work, important things that need fixed, are left broken. The forum gangs, and the complaints go on and on. The boards are full of them.
    Theres a reason Bill and Mark are called "the boyz" which is sicking in itself. They need to grow up and be men.

    Just another stupid social site, with no promise.

  • bvaughnfamily 5 years ago

    P. Stockstill says:
    " 'a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.' This is exactly what has occurred here."
    bvaughnfamily says:
    Agreed! We joined 9/8/08, and overall have been pleasantly surprised by: 1) the simplicity (our 13 year old has been listing her own items in our booth with no difficulty whatsoever & has been pleased w/her sales); 2) the helpfulness & approachability of management & other sellers (the longest we've had to wait for a response to an email to support has been less than 1/2 a day); 3) the online marketplace community teeming with extraordinary entrepreneurs (where else can you "rub shoulders" with the big guys in your pajamas in your living room?). Being staunchly *Independent Minded* and *Focused on Faith & Family*, we've been grateful that we don't have to give up faith or family in order to do business on Bonanzle. It doesn't work for everyone - but it's been a blessing for us.

  • bvaughnfamily 5 years ago

    oops... joined 9/28/08... :)

  • stuffyouneed 5 years ago

    The chat - both positive and negative - abounds. All we know is that yesterday we sold twice on Bonanzle what we sold on eBay.

  • ma 5 years ago

    A couple of those comments sound like ebay execs talking. At ebay I cant even get an email or contact of any kind. At Bonanzle I get return emails and solutions to problems if I have one. I pay for 'no service' at ebay and 'good service' at Bonanzle is free. These are Men to admire. They work hard and things are getting better every day.

  • Roxannmi 5 years ago

    Bonanzle is the greatest. It is not a cult. It is a community. We all help each other. The atmosphere reminds me of a college campus. My sales, too, a lot more have been coming here on bonanzle, than on ebay. And when I do sell, I actually get to keep some of the money! Bonanzle fees are at bargain basement prices and it is far easier to post listings here. I just love the site and I pray for its success and everyone who is associated with it, every single day. So who knows.. maybe, could it be that the Almighty is "on their side" too? Time will tell. As for me I am here to stay. Works for me. The other site did not. I am telling everyone I know about Bonanzle. I am proud to be involved with this site.

  • permacrisis 5 years ago

    There are 3 things I use to evaluate a selling site.

    1. Do your items sell?

    2. Do the categories have real items or just fluff? (ie, 1000 Pens in Business & Industrial, vs. machinery )

    3. Are items in your watch list always disappearing?

    I knew about 1 and 2, but am happy about #3 (well- other than the fact that now I can't have the Watched stuff :) )

    In fact, the number three point convinces me that even with the few warts, the site is poised for takeoff. I'm guessing the magic number is going to be about a half a million users. Why? well...

    I am a pretty lazy guy, (lets face it ebay spoiled me) but even with no promotion, 40 items of 60 listed have sold. And some were very unusual. This was without even trying.

    As corporations gain ever-increasing control over the internet, the ability to buy something from a real person will come under threat. Love it or hate it, we need choice and who knows, Bonanzle may one day be the only BS-free selling platform left.

  • yeshuazgirl 5 years ago

    Bonanzle has been a God-Send! So easy to use! GREAT community of sellers and wonderful buyers! Super support from the "Boyz" Bill & Mark what more could you want?! Most of all, the sellers WANT to see each other succeed!! and often post helpful tips and tricks and offer all sort of help in general! weird huh? :D Not in Bonanzle "Land"
    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Karodens Vintage Post Cards 5 years ago

    After selling vintage Post cards and various small antiques and collectibles at another venue for nearly 11 years Bonanzle is a breath of fresh air. What Bonanzle means to me is freedom from the opressing feeling of Greedy Fee's. It also takes me back to the years of operating a small shop, and also selling from a booth at an Upscale antique mall. Bonanzle provides all of those feelings and experiences in one package. I am free to display, and show off up tp 10,000 items in my booth. I do not have to pay a landlord a monthly rent, and I do not have to dust and rearrange a shop every day, and I also do not have to concern myself with Shoplifter's. Imagine all of these GREAT features and it is FREE. I am so pleased and thankful to Bill Harding and the Bonanzle Staff that I subscribe to a Plus Membership each month to assist the Boyz in offsetting the cost of maintaing this Seller's and Buyers Shangrila.

  • AvocadoLane 5 years ago

    Great article Phaedra!

    Bonanzle is a wonderful site to sell on. As with anything in life it is what you make of it. If you are willing to work, it works for you. If you are not, it doesn't.

    The forum is a great source of information. There is always the choice to turn off the portions of it that do not serve your purposes. It is actually pretty civilized compared to many I have seen. Again, if you work at it you can make it work for you.

    Then there is always the fact that forum participation is not neccessary in order to conduct business, so we have the option to not socialize at all, or to just go in to scan for information.

    Bonanzle is growing, is here to stay, and as with any venue, along with success there will be a few disgruntled members/ex-members.

  • ladyshars 5 years ago

    Great Job Phaedra,
    Bonanzle, one man's dream, is all former ebay sellers wish come true, Bill Harding and his staff have made Bonanzle the on-line selling site we all wished for.
    Rather than a Tribe I prefer Family, we are always ready to lend a helping hand to someone new or in need. I've had numerous Bonanzlers help me over the past year and am forever grateful. Never happened on ebay.
    I'm loving Bonanzle.