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The bombsey twins

Baby Lindsey Graham and Little Johnny McCain are at it again.

It’s well known that this voluble pair of children never met a war they didn’t want to fight. They were both staunch supporters of our misadventure in Iraq…and tossed a perfect tantrum when President Obama decided to end the war there. They are also pitching a fit over ending our military commitment in Afghanistan. If the bombsey twins had their way, American boots would have been on the ground in Libya (they weren’t needed), they would now be on the ground in Syria and we most likely would have invaded or at least bombed Iran by now. And they aren’t done. We rather suspect that, given their way, there would soon be American troops engaged one more place.

In Crimea. Against the Russians.

Of course they roundly deny this. No one, they insist, is suggesting American troops…or the American military in any form…be sent into the fray over the Ukraine. And yet, while they are roundly critical of the President’s efforts and while they offer no practical solutions of their own, you know what they’re thinking. Indeed, you can almost see the ordnance going off in their eyes.

They aren’t alone. Nearly every Republican in Congress…and out…has suggested that President Obama is a weakling who doesn’t have the strength to match Vladimir Putin…with his shirt on or off. Indeed, many of these luminaries…Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, even Sarah Palin (she can see Russia from her house!)…seem to positively panting to have Putin for their President. Well, his skin is the right color for this bunch!

“He must do something!” they all say…nearly in unison. And yet, what that something would be, they don’t say. They dismiss the political and diplomatic actions the President has taken as simply the timid actions of a “feckless” foreign policy by a President who, even after five years, doesn’t understand Vladimir Putin or Russia or, indeed, much of anything beyond the walls of the Oval Office.

These are, of course, the same geniuses who, a few weeks ago, when President Obama let it be known he was going to put some of his programs into effect through executive action alone, accused him of a “power grab” and suggested that he wanted to be king or…shudder, shake…a dictator. Now, apparently, they’d welcome a dictator…so long as his name is Putin, not Obama.

We’re hoping that soon kindergarten will be back in session and adults will again be in charge of these looney children. Little Johnny and Baby Lindsey definitely need a nap!

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