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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Wyatt gets a new place as Liam guns for him

Will Hope care about the proof Liam has?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Bill picked Liam up at the airport and took him to the beach house he used to live in with Katie. Wyatt wondered if Bill intended to live here with Katie or Brooke. Bill admitted he wouldn't be living with either one of them at the moment. He told Wyatt the house was his. Bill thought it was time for him to get out of that warehouse. An overwhelmed Wyatt said he couldn't take this. Bill said he did the same thing for Liam. Wyatt said the place was killer, but he wondered about the timing and wanted to know if it had anything to do with his trip to Hawaii.

Back at Forrester Creations, Rick grilled Hope about her trip to Hawaii. She said it went well and Rick wondered if things heated up between Hope and Wyatt. Hope thought Rick wanted to know too much. She said she had a great time with Wyatt, but it didn't go any further than that. Rick assumed things were happening. She admitted she and Wyatt were close. She said Wyatt was the friend she needed. Rick wondered where this left Liam.

Liam continued to dig for information from Charlie and Pam about that now infamous jewelry heist. Charlie said he had been telling Wyatt about a famous jewelry heist and suddenly one happened to them. Liam found that highly suspicious.

Hope told Rick she told Liam she was dating Wyatt. He wondered what Liam thought and Hope wasn't really sure. She said he blamed Quinn and Hope wasn't happy with Quinn's meddling. She told Rick that Liam thought Quinn was dangerous. She didn't really believe that herself, but she did think Quinn should be watched.

Liam continued chatting with Pam and Charlie about Wyatt. Pam said she knew Liam wasn't a fan of Wyatt's, but she said even he had to admit the guy was a hero the day the boutique got robbed. Liam mentioned Quinn and started to say something about her when Charlie stopped his train of thought by saying Quinn was a sweetheart. All the while they are talking, lurker gal Quinn is listening in.

Wyatt was grateful for the house Bill offered him. He said he would have to break the news to his mother first. Bill suggested he also break that leash she had around his neck. He said he wanted Wyatt out on his own, away from his mother.

Charlie's phone beeped at Forrester and Liam wondered what that was. Pam explained that Charlie got alerts every time a story related to the Forrester Jewelry heist was released. Charlie was irritated that they spelled his name wrong. Then, he became shocked to learn the two thugs who lifted the Hope for the Future diamond insisted on a lie detector test and passed. Charlie said those tests were not always reliable and mentioned the thieves were pros simply trying to avoid conviction. An intrigued Liam thought it was more than that. He thought the fact that they both passed the polygraph meant something. Quinn was summoned to the fitting room and Liam realized she was listening to his conversation again.

Back at the new beach house, Bill explained to Wyatt that his mother not only didn't tell him he had a son, but she didn't tell Wyatt he had a father either. He also pointed out that Quinn was orchestrating his life without telling him anything she was doing. Bill mentioned Quinn bringing Steffy here and ruining Liam's wedding day. Wyatt figured that was a page out of Bill's book. Bill admitted Wyatt was right, but he stated he learned his lesson. A confident Wyatt said Quinn would learn her lesson too. Bill wasn't so sure. He said he knew this was hard for Liam to hear, but he stated Quinn wasn't quite right.

Wyatt said he was Quinn's entire life for a long time. He said he was all she had for so long. He said now his mother had the jewelry business, Forrester and had taken an interest in Eric. Bill said if Quinn was interested in Eric, it wasn't because of Cupid. He said it was because she wanted something from him. He said he didn't want Wyatt to be disrespectful to his mother. He just wanted to keep Wyatt from getting sucked into Quinn's problems. He told Wyatt to keep a healthy distance from Quinn.

Wyatt decided he would move into the Malibu beach house. He also said he couldn't wait to tell Hope about this.

Elsewhere, Hope told Rick she was taking control of her life. He pointed out that she was still involved with two men. She said she wasn't and insisted she was moving on. He wondered if she was done with Liam. She said she would never be done with Liam and mentioned that he was far from being done with her. She said there was no drama with Wyatt. Things were so easy with him. There was no Steffy and Hope found it refreshing to have a guy totally committed to her without another woman standing behind her. Rick told her to go for it. He said that she and Wyatt were great together and she deserved to enjoy herself.

Charlie and Pam continued chatting with Liam who wanted more information about the jewelry heist. Liam asked if it was OK if he tagged along with him to the boutique. A flattered Charlie allowed Liam to join him. Quinn walked up to Pam once they left and said it sounded like she just got an earful.

Bill told Wyatt he could do some serious entertaining in his new home. Wyatt said there was only one person he was interested in entertaining. Bill assumed Wyatt had fallen pretty hard for Hope. Wyatt stated Hawaii was wonderful and so unexpected. Wyatt said Hope was sad and disillusioned over Liam, but he said they had something special together. She laughed when she was with him and she wasn't going to find that anywhere else. Bill told him to take things slow. Wyatt stated that wasn't the Spencer Way. He doubted he'd be moving slowly.

Bill left and Wyatt called Hope to meet him. Rick advised Hope to take off and have a good time.

Quinn talked to Pam about Liam's attitude towards her. She tells Pam she wished she and Liam got along better. Pam told Quinn she thought it was better if they stayed out of the younger crowd's lives with all their drama. Quinn agreed, but she acted like she wanted to mend fences with Liam. Pam told her Liam was at the boutique with Charlie.

Over at the boutique, Liam convinced Charlie to tell him how that heist went down. Charlie said the diamond was there....and then....the diamond wasn't there. He said the store was closed and nobody saw the thieves in the store. He and Wyatt were the only two left in the store.

Hope got to Wyatt's new beach house and told her this was his new place. She said she loved the place. She told Wyatt he was coming up in the world. He was fresh off the plane from Hawaii and ready to move into his new place. She said that the trip to Hawaii had been great. She said she felt like half a person when she got on that plane, but admitted the trip was fabulous. Wyatt had flowers sent for Hope with a card that read hopefully he wouldn't be moving in alone. He asked Hope to live with him.

On today's episode according to this CBS video preview, Wyatt mentions never steering Hope wrong and she claims she's not afraid to take chances. Liam chats with Aly about how dangerous Hope is. Aly said she knows Quinn had done some lousy things to Liam and Hope, but she didn't feel as though either Quinn or Wyatt would do anything to hurt Hope. Wyatt said he and Hope didn't work so hard on revamping the Hope for the Future line just to have their relationship undermined. Liam suddenly comes up with some information and claims he's got Wyatt.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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