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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Steffy tells Quinn to stay out of her business

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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge's hot car pulled into Eric's driveway and Steffy made a brief appearance in L.A. for a doctor's appointment. The only people who knew she was in town were Eric and Quinn. Yes, Quinn! Quinn had been making an appeal to Eric to talk to Hope about her decision to sever ties with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. It was nothing less than a gem of an episode.

Quinn managed to convince Eric she wanted to go to Paris to meet the international team. Eric told her she could hitch a ride on the Forrester jet because Steffy was on her way to Paris. The wheels in Quinn's head began to spin and she told Eric she would be ready to leave in five minutes. Eric called a car and Quinn took off with her jewelry and her twisted agenda.

Elsewhere, Hope ran off to talk to Eric and Bill walked in after she left. Liam told Hope things would get easier for them after Quinn and Wyatt were gone. On the plane, Steffy told Quinn she would be happy to set up appointments for her if she gave her the name of the hotel she was staying at. Face it, Quinn had no time to book a room and told Steffy she wanted to tag along with her because she was anxious to meet the team at international. As they were about to land, Quinn told Steffy she was the only one who could stop Liam from marrying Hope. Quinn wanted Steffy to come back to L.A.

Steffy explained that she didn't know Quinn and she didn't know Wyatt. She said Wyatt's crush didn't really concern her. Quinn countered with the fact that Liam still had feelings for Steffy. She said that wasn't a crush. She also hit a sore spot with Steffy when she pointed out that Steffy was not a mother yet, but when she was, she would do anything to give her child a chance. Quinn said she loved watching Wyatt fall for Hope and she didn't want to give up the idea of them being together.

Back in L.A., Bill entered the house and found Liam. Bill had been working out and didn't know Liam was home. He said he would have invited Liam to hit the bag with him had he known he was home. Liam stated he was otherwise engaged and Bill figured Hope had been there. Liam said she had, but explained she ran off to talk to Eric about Quinn and Wyatt. Liam also told his father, Wyatt and Quinn had accomplished a lot at Forrester Creations, but they blew it.

At Eric's, Hope entered to have a chat with him. She asked how he was doing, and he admitted he was doing better than Quinn. Hope told Eric what she was doing wasn't really what she wanted, but stated it was necessary. She apologized for having to cut ties with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. In the meantime, Ridge was peeling into the Forrester property and surveying the surroundings outside.

Back inside. Eric didn't understand why Hope was doing this. She told him Liam wanted her to do this and she agreed with it. Eric said he didn't agree at all. Eric believed Hope was off her rocker and told her Liam couldn't make decisions about the Hope for the Future Line based on personal reasons. He also reminded her that Hope for the Future was doing better than it ever had. Hope said she didn't have a choice. It was important to Liam, so it was important to her.

Back at Liam's Bill said he was proud of his son for issuing that ultimatum. He also stated once Liam and Hope had said their vows, he and Wyatt could get back to the business of being brothers. Liam was hopeful, but didn't see that happening anytime soon. Bill also said once Liam was with Hope, all the suspicion would disappear. Liam wondered what suspicion that was. Bill told him the suspicion was, that he was still in love with Steffy.

Back on the Forrester air bus, Steffy talked about Quinn's scenario. She imagined if she went back to L.A. and got together with Liam, and Hope got together with Wyatt, Quinn's company would be in a very good position. Quinn scoffed and stated she was only concerned about Wyatt's happiness and not the company. Quinn told Steffy she was beautiful, smart and talented and stated she could tell Steffy still had feelings for Liam. An irritated Steffy told Wyatt Liam wasn't hers. She said she lost him just like she lost their baby. A horrified Quinn was speechless.

Back in L.A., Ridge was approaching the house. Inside Eric wanted to know how Hope felt about Quinn and Wyatt. Eric didn't get why Hope would accommodate Liam's orders when she insisted she was in love with Liam. Hope said it had to be this way. Bill told Liam he knew he was still in love with Steffy. He told his son to marry Hope and his feelings for Steffy would go away. Liam said maybe, but he knew if he was tossing Wyatt out of Hope's life, he could never have anything to do with Steffy again.

Back on the Forrester jet, Quinn apologized to Steffy saying she had no idea she had lost a child with Liam. Steffy told her how that happened and Quinn felt lousy about the whole thing. Steffy had flashbacks to her pregnancy as she told Liam about the motorcycle accident that took her babies left. Quinn wondered if Liam left her. Steffy said he would never do that, but she was left barren. Quinn wondered about adoption. Steffy explained she wasn't in the right frame of mind to consider that option. She said she left Liam to let him be with Hope so he could have a family. Hope had something Steffy couldn't give him. She also asked Quinn if she still wondered why she won't go back to L.A.

Back at Liam's Hope told him everything worked out with Eric, and she wanted to make sure what she did proved to Liam she was committed to him. He said it did. He wanted to focus on the wedding and was glad Wyatt was out of the picture. Hope remarked that Steffy was too, so all was well in the world.

Quinn and Steffy entered Steffy's office in Paris. Quinn stated she felt awful. Steffy suggested she go back to her hotel and rest. Quinn said she was referring to the conversation they had on the plane about Steffy losing a child. Steffy said it wasn't something she talked about a lot. She wanted to make sure Quinn knew that was the reason she couldn't go back to L.A. Quinn thought otherwise. Quinn said what Steffy told her proved she needed to be with Liam. Steffy said things were fine the way they were. Quinn said they weren't fine for Wyatt or Steffy. She felt that Steffy had isolated herself in Paris. Quinn added that if Steffy truly wanted Hope to be with Liam, she would have no problem looking him in the eye in L.A. Steffy is sure that Wyatt would be good for Hope, but she felt as though she had to do what was best for Liam. Quinn said she understood and turned to leave Steffy's office to head to the conference room just when Steffy's cell phone rang.

Naturally, Quinn couldn't resist listening in. Steffy's caller was Dr. Caspary and she had good news for her patient. Dr. Caspary told Steffy the procedure she had done worked and, there was no reason why she couldn't have a baby. Steffy was in disbelief as the tears rolled down his cheek.

Eric made himself a martini and began chatting with that portrait of Stephanie. Hirings, firing, marriages on and off. He said he missed the old days with Stephanie and wished she was there because he was drinking alone. Suddenly, Ridge came up behind him and they embraced. Ridge was willing to share a cocktail with his father,

On the next episode, Wyatt tells Hope five or the six best things that happened to him in life was because he met her. Steffy tells Quinn she has no right to wade through her business and warns her not to say a word to Liam about her medical news. Quinn insists Liam never got over Steffy. Brooke laments that she always believed she was going to be with Ridge forever.

Don't miss Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts on the current storyline in the comments section below. Sigh! It gets lonely out here!


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