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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Steffy accuses Quinn of working an agenda

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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge and Rick pulled out of their embrace and gazed at that portrait of Stephanie over the Forrester mantle. Ridge noted it seemed cold and guarded. Eric admitted that was a side of Stephanie they all knew. Ridge told him he didn't want to speak ill of the dead. Eric pointed out that was a side of Stephanie Ridge never saw. He told Ridge she loved him more than anyone else.

Ridge wanted to know if Stephanie had changed much during her illness. Eric stated she didn't change much in the way Ridge meant. He said once Stephanie gave up treatment, it all went very fast. Ridge asked "Why wasn't I here?" Eric explained it wouldn't have mattered much because Stephanie took off on her own anyway. Ridge said she wouldn't have been alone if he were there.

Brooke told Katie Hope and Liam's wedding was on and she hoped Katie could be there. Katie looked apprehensive.

Wyatt was packing up his things at Forrester when Hope walked in. He wanted to know if he could take his samples and the pieces that didn't make it to a collection back. Hope said it was fine because nobody was trying to rob Wyatt and his mother out of what was rightfully theirs. She then added that she guessed they were trying to do that because Hope and Wyatt had certainly earned their place at Forrester. Wyatt wondered if it would help if he told her he did not have any regrets.

Back in Paris, after listening in on Steffy's phone call, Quinn said it sounded like Steffy got good news from her doctor. In tears, Steffy wondered if her daughter had forgiven her. She said she didn't have a name, but she would have called her Aspen.

Back at Forrester Creations, Wyatt explained to Hope that his mother was pitching the international office of Forrester right now. Hope said she had heard. Wyatt wondered if she would like him in a beret. Hope said it was never a case of not liking him. Hope changed the subject and told Wyatt there should be a check waiting for him in accounting. Wyatt protested and explained his company would never take money for work they never did. She said it was a contract specification and due to early termination, Forrester would be buying out Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Wyatt said that five of the six best things that ever happened to him came from meeting Hope. He confessed that was the bonus he was walking away with. He said anything else would feel greedy.

Back at international, Steffy asked her assistant Sophie to ring Ridge and tell him to be there because there was something she needed to discuss with him. Sophie said her father left for L.A. last night. Sophie left the office and Quinn said it was too bad Ridge and Steffy's transatlantic signals got crossed. She pointed out that they could have traveled to L.A. together. Steffy said that wouldn't have been possible because her business in L.A. was private and her father's might be too.

At Eric's house, Ridge told Eric he should have come back home. Eric knew that Stephanie had begged him not to. Eric said that Stephanie really did change at the end. She had forgiven everyone including him. He told Ridge while he knew he could never give him what Stephanie had, he was still his father and would always be there for him. He said whatever grudges he held against Ridge had been forgotten.

Elsewhere, Katie told Brooke she didn't think she could make it to the wedding. She said it was just too soon and she didn't think she could stand there and watch Brooke and Bill as the happy parents of the bride and groom. Brooke said she had a feeling Katie might feel this way, but she had to try. Brooke added there was one other thing and she was sure Katie might not like it.

Back at Forrester Creations, Hope told Wyatt she had one thing to say to him. She said she was not the same girl he met in the woods that day. Wyatt said she looked a lot like that same girl to him and Hope said she was serious. She said she had a new sense of confidence, a new taste of success and a new faith in her judgement. She said that was all because of Wyatt. She said she loved Liam, but for a really long time she couldn't feel loved by him. She said she felt like a default with Liam only turning to her because she was there. She said after seeing herself through Wyatt's eyes, everything changed for her and she thanked him for that. Wyatt said that's what jewelers do. They see what shines.

In Paris, Steffy asked Quinn to drop off a check at the fertility clinic in L.A. She was making a donation. Steffy wished she could tell her father her good news in person. Quinn thought she could go back to L.A. to do that. Steffy said if Ridge wanted her there he would have told her he was going.

Eric wondered if Ridge knew that Steffy had been there. Ridge said kids go their own way. They want to be close but not too close. He said kids needed him on holidays, their birthdays and days when they were buying sports cars. Eric wanted Ridge to explain what this was all about. Ridge said he had no real news. He told Eric it was his turn and he wanted to know what he missed.

Brooke told Katie she didn't want to be anywhere near Bill. She couldn't stand to be in the same room with him, but while she was planning this wedding, she didn't see any way around that. She wanted Katie to know. Katie said Brooke didn't have to tell her these things because she wasn't on probation. Brooke wanted everything to be good between them. Katie understood, but she also knew Brooke never knew what she was going to do until she did it. Brooke said she always thought she would be with Ridge forever, but then he left and Stephanie died. She confessed she had been caught up in a downward spiral ever since.

Eric told Ridge about Rick and Caroline getting married and Ridge wondered how Rick would feel now that he was back. "Are you back?" Eric asked. Eric feared that Ridge would eventually cut and run again. Ridge stopped Eric from rambling and said he had been worn out from trying to be there for two families. He said something inside him broke. He thought all he needed to do was take Brooke away and everything would be OK. They would start a new life somewhere else. He asked how dumb that was? Eric said it had happened to him many times. Ridge said right on their honeymoon, the past found him and Brooke and he wanted nothing to do with that.

Quinn attempted to persuade Steffy that Liam was grieving too and he needed to hear her news. Steffy told Quinn she was wading through her personal business where she didn't belong. She ordered Quinn not to say one word to Liam about her news. Quinn promised she never would. She said it would be presumptuous for her to even raise the question. Steffy also said she was sorry about her son. She said the blond goddess was like a drug to some guys. Quinn didn't think Liam was one of those guys. She said she honestly believed that Liam has never gotten over Steffy.

Hope told Wyatt she wished he wasn't leaving. He wondered if she had met him first, would they have made it. He discontinued that line of reasoning and admitted he had never been in love before. He wished he had been better at it.

Eric puts together a snack for him and Ridge and asks Ridge if he is staying. He offers him a room at the house. Ridge was sure Eric only wanted him to sweep the patio and clean the pool. Eric said he didn't want that unless Ridge had suddenly got better at that stuff than he used to be. Ridge agreed to stay at the house and Eric pressed to find out the real reason Ridge came back. First he said it was Christmas, but quickly admitted Brooke was his reason for returning to L.A.

Hope told Katie she was leaving and would let her get back to work. Katie told Hope her efforts were not going unnoticed. She said they meant a lot to her, but it was going to take time. Brooke thanked her for saying that and said they were sisters for life. There would be enough time.

Wyatt was in Hope's office when an employee brought in a jeweled headband for Hope to wear on her wedding day. Hope instructed the employee to put it in her mother's office. Wyatt wouldn't hear of it. He wanted to see it. Hope felt uneasy, but Wyatt inspected the piece and assured Hope it was good work. He placed it on her head and presented her with a necklace to wear on her wedding day. Hope said she couldn't accept it. Wyatt admitted it might be too hard for her to wear his necklace when she was marrying her brother. Suddenly Wyatt said he kept forgetting he wasn't the groom. "I was so sure." he added.

Back in Paris, Steffy wondered how Quinn thought she knew so much about Liam. She was sure Liam wasn't telling her his innermost secrets. Quinn admitted he wasn't but she had seen the photos of Steffy with Liam and noted how happy they seemed. She remarked about how Liam treated Hope. Steffy imagined he was treating her like a princess. Quinn said the way Liam treated Hope was cold, dismissive and high handed. Steffy said she had to be misinformed. Quinn insisted she had seen it herself.

Steffy admitted that was sad but insisted it was none of her business or Quinn's for that matter. Quinn said what was really sad was that if Liam heard the news Steffy got from her doctor, he would never marry Hope.

On today's episode, Eric urges Ridge to go to Brooke. Ridge confessed he had made mistakes, but he was determined to try and fix them. Quinn tells Steffy she has to get to Liam and Steffy accuses her of working an agenda for her son. Elsewhere, Hope tells Brooke if she had met Wyatt before she met Liam, her life might have taken a different turn. She admitted she would never know because she met Liam first. So, it's the first man in for Hope, right?

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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