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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Ridge isn't going anywhere and neither is Bill

Brooke could be in for some fun
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," on CBS, Hope told Liam he was the only guy who could have pulled off the Hula surprise for her. She said it gave her a real taste of the island without actually having to go outside her door. Wyatt wasn't quite done with surprises. There was a knock on the door and Wyatt told Hope one can't be in Hawaii without a pig roast. Wyatt went to the door and accepted his food delivery. He had special sandwiches from one of his favorite island hot spots. Hope continued to be impressed.

Back in L.A., Liam continued to chat with Quinn and told her that Hope wasn't meant to be with Wyatt. Quinn said Liam had his father's swagger, but characterized it as ill timed. Quinn pointed out the fact that Wyatt already had Hope. She reminded Liam they were in Hawaii together. Liam said Quinn had to arrange that. He told her he knew that she was a smart woman, so she should know what that meant. Quinn told Liam it meant that Wyatt and Hope were getting closer and closer as they spoke. Liam told Quinn she had to be aware of the history he and Hope shared. He said none of the many attempts to break them up had ever worked. A confident Liam told Quinn hers would never work either.

Elsewhere, Bill wondered if Brooke had seen Ridge since their luncheon. Brooke said she hadn't. Bill assumed Ridge was off licking his wounds. Brooke said he had left there very disillusioned. Bill told Brooke if he were the one who hadn't seen her in a year, he wouldn't care who she had been with. He said all he would care about is being up in that bedroom with her arms around him. Brooke told Bill she was mortified having to tell Ridge about her and Bill. She said there has to be some kind of atonement. Bill said that was ludicrous and she shouldn't beat herself up for falling in love with him.

Quinn reacted when Liam told her that she played on Hope's fears by bringing Steffy to L.A. Quinn insisted Steffy came because she wanted to. She also said that gave Hope a chance to see for herself that Liam never got over Steffy. Liam insisted Quinn used Steffy to upset Hope. Quinn pointed out the fact that Liam went to Hawaii and came home without Hope. She said it had been Liam's indecision that buried him and not her maneuvering. Liam told Hope he would fly to the ends of the earth to get Hope back. He emphasized he would do that over and over again until he has her back in his life. He advised Quinn to prepare her son for that reality.

Back in Hawaii, Wyatt and Hope share a fabulous lunch and she told him it was absolutely the best sandwich she ever had. She thanked him for the diamond and for everything he did for her. Wyatt told her it came naturally because of the love he has for her.

Bill told Brooke she was back on the guilt trip again since Ridge returned. Bill didn't want Brooke to let Ridge's opinion get to her. He advised her to let this go. Brooke said she didn't blame Ridge for his reaction. She also told Bill she just couldn't let this go. He wanted to help her get through this and she suggested he go back to Katie for the sake of the kids. R.J. entered the house and interrupted their conversation. He wondered if his mother was okay.

Quinn and Liam were still chatting about Wyatt and Hope. Quinn told Liam that it was time for hip to man up and give his brother the respect he deserved. Liam said he would give Wyatt the same amount of respect Wyatt gave him, which would be zero. Quinn insisted Wyatt deserved his chance with Hope. Liam wondered what Wyatt had done to deserve this chance. He told Quinn she and Wyatt had bulldozed their way into his and Hope's life. Quinn told Liam he had Steffy and stated that Wyatt was in love with Hope. Liam said he would always care about Steffy, but Hope would be his wife. He said this caper of hers and all the ones that might follow would simply make him and Hope stronger.

Back on the island, Wyatt told Hope a story about a wealthy princess and a commoner on the island. The two had fallen in love, but eventually separated because they could not be together. She took off for the mountains while he lived by the seashore. There was a flower on the island that symbolized this legend. It only grew in the mountains and by the shore. When the flower bloomed, only one side had petals. Legend had it that the flower had been sad when the lovers were forced into exile. Placing two of these unusual flowers side by side symbolized the love of the island commoner and the princess. Hope loved the story, but thought it was tragic.

Back at Brooke's, R.J. ran upstairs to do his homework. Brooke told Bill she didn't need her son picking up on things. Bill assured Brooke she had nothing to worry about. He said Ridge was the one who set her off. He also told her she was the most beautiful and sensual woman on the planet, but Ridge didn't see that. Bill told Brooke that all Ridge could see were her faults. He wondered if that loser was made out of cardboard.

Back at Forrester, Quinn told Liam that her son felt very deeply. She said Liam was the one who had treated Hope horribly. Liam told Quinn she had no idea how he treated Hope. He accused her of having faith in stories Wyatt had told her. Quinn said that Liam had been doing the dance between two women for years. Liam stated he and Hope never really had a life because of all the intrusions. He told her that her manipulations didn't stand a chance. Quinn said she hadn't failed yet and Liam asked her if she knew how sick and neurotic she sounded. Liam suggested that Quinn act like a good parent and stay out of her sons life. Quinn told Liam if he knew what was good for him, he would stay away from Hope and Wyatt.

Wyatt brought Hope another flower--a plumeria. He said it symbolized long love in absence. He explained the flower was given to soldiers heading off to war. Hope said she wasn't going to war. He said she might be if she didn't stay with him. He placed the flower behind her left ear and told her that meant the princess was taken. The two of them fell into a kiss after Wyatt explained a kiss always followed the giving of flowers.

Brooke told Bill their relationship was wrong. She said she had to do what was right for Katie. She admitted she loved him, but felt they were just too wrong to work. Bill explained that Katie was moving on and they had to do the same with each other. Bill said he wanted to be back up in that bedroom with Brooke. He said he was never happier. He kissed her and Brooke had tears rolling down her face. She asked him to go. A reluctant Bill walked out the door.

Quinn told Liam not to push her. Liam said he had to protect Hope from her. Quinn said she would never do anything to hurt Hope. Liam said it was like she fell from the sky and he had no idea what she was capable of. Quinn hinted that when it came to Liam, she was capable of a lot of things. She ordered Liam to stay away from her and Wyatt. Liam promised Quinn that eventually, Hope would see through both her and Quinn.

Back in Hawaii, Wyatt decided to keep one of the flowers that hadn't opened yet. Hope said all it would take was time and Light. Wyatt remarked that it was like that for all things. He said he had been closed when he first met her, but her light had caused him to open up. Wyatt wanted to be the light in Hope's life. They fell into another kiss.

On the next episode, according to this CBS video preview for Monday, Hope talks to Wyatt about knowing that Steffy is always going to be a part of Liam's life. She wanted to let go and open herself up to the rest of her life. Caroline wonders if Ridge can get over the fact that Brooke had an affair with her uncle. Katie tells Hope she can't go to bed every night with a man who was dreaming about sleeping with her sister, and Rick has some harsh words for Ridge. And according to this CBS weekly video preview, on next week's episodes, Ridge and Bill will battle over Brooke. Is there any man who can resist her?

Don't miss an episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" next week and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Are you rooting for Ridge or Bill? Wyatt or Liam? Do feel free to vent away here.

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