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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Ridge checks on Katie and Liam wants Hope home

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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Ridge wondered why Bill was visiting Brooke and Katie got ready for Bill's scheduled visit with Will.

Back in Hawaii, Wyatt wondered why Liam's obvious lack of integrity was his mother's fault. Liam attempted to explain to Hope that Quinn wanted her to see his unplanned meeting with Steffy. He explained if he wanted to see Hope before the wedding, he never would have sent her a note. He said he would have simply walked up to the house and knocked on her door. Liam stated that Quinn was the only one that knew Steffy was back in town because she was the one who brought her back from Paris. He elaborated further by saying that Quinn wanted Steffy back and her mission was successful. He congratulated Wyatt.

In the meantime, at Forrester Creations, Quinn showed up and asked Donna where Eric was. Donna informed Quinn that Eric was at a meeting in San Francisco. Donna asked Quinn if that was okay with her. That comment set Quinn off. She told Donna she might want to think about adjusting her attitude. Donna laughed and told Quinn there was more to her and her family than she could ever imagine. Quinn admitted she was sure Donna had deep thoughts every now and then. Donna told Quinn she had no idea how strong her connections were.

Donna also wondered if Quinn was talking to Hawaii when she made that call outside the reception area. Quinn told Donna it was none of her business who she was on the phone with. Donna ignored that comment and asked Quinn if Wyatt mentioned Liam arriving in Hawaii. A shocked Quinn couldn't believe that Donna told Liam where Hope and Liam were.

Speaking of Hawaii, Liam told Wyatt and Hope that he and Hope were set up again because of Quinn. He said there was no way Steffy would have known where he was without someone telling her. Liam reasoned that Steffy would have shown up at his house and not the cabin without some sort of inside knowledge. Wyatt grew pale and had to be thinking of his mother telling him to call her as soon as she found out where Liam was.

Wyatt suddenly admitted that he was the one who told his mother where Liam was. He couldn't recall why or how Liam's whereabouts came up. Wyatt only knew he was tired of listening to Liam play Sherlock Holmes. Liam wondered if Quinn was seeking revenge on Bill or simply attempting to find a way to secure her job. Wyatt didn't understand what his mother's agenda had to do with anything. He told Liam when Steffy knocked on his door he should have simply told her to leave because he was about to get married.

Wyatt surmised Liam was the problem, but Liam insisted he had a reason for not sending Steffy away immediately. He stated that he would tell Hope, but he wouldn't tell her in front of Liam because it was private. Hope asked Wyatt to give her a moment alone with Liam.

Katie cleared her schedule in anticipation of Bill's visit with Will. In the meantime, back at Brooke's Ridge entered with lunch for Brooke. He was stunned to see Bill Spencer lurking around. Both men wondered why the other one was there. A confident Bill told Ridge that Brooke was busy. Brooke asked Bill to leave stating that she and Ridge had things to talk about. Bill mentioned he had another appointment and Ridge told Brooke somebody should teach that guy some manners.

Back at Forrester Creations, Quinn told Donna part of her job was discretion. She failed to understand why Donna would leak the whereabouts of two Forrester employees to an outsider. Donna told Quinn that Liam was hardly an outsider. She said he had been in love with her niece for years. Donna wondered if Wyatt even knew how his mother operated. She also wondered if he even cared. Quinn threw Donna a look, but had no response.

Bill showed up at Katie's office to see Will. Katie was more than gracious. Bill assumed Katie was busy. Katie said she cleared her schedule for Bill's visit with her son. Bill assured Katie he wouldn't be taking Will to Brooke's, so she didn't have to worry. Katie informed Bill she was sure his sister wouldn't let him through her door. Bill told a stunned Katie that he had just come from there and also mentioned a situation. He told Katie Ridge was back in town.

Back at Brooke's, Ridge cracked some champagne and made a toast to him and Brooke's new beginning. A concerned Brooke told Ridge she had something to discuss with him about Bill. Brooke admitted that Bill had found another woman. Ridge wondered if that woman knew he was married. Brooke said she did. Ridge wondered if she knew Katie had almost died having a child with Bill. Brooke said she did. Ridge wondered if anyone ever confronted this woman. Brooke confessed many people did. Ridge wondered if Brooke ever confronted her. Brooke said she had. Ridge wondered what the woman said in her defense and Brooke mentioned loneliness.

Brooke finally admitted, she was that woman who had an affair with Bill. It was a lot for Ridge to process.

Back in Hawaii, Hope told Liam she saw things between him and Liam that he never saw. Seeing them together had thrown her. Liam said he listened to Steffy's good news and threw her out. Hope was concerned that now that Steffy could have kids again, she would want to have his baby. Liam said he was sure that was in the back of her mind, but he stated it became really clear early in the conversation that a reunion would never happen. He told Hope that Steffy accepted that.

Wyatt entered and told Liam that was enough trash talking about him and his mother. He didn't want Liam to put Hope through anything else. Liam looked into Hopes eyes and asked her to come and marry him. Wyatt continued to protest, but Liam insisted he loved Hope and she loved him. He wanted to go get married right now.

Bill told Katie that Ridge would be gone soon. He figured as soon as he heard about Brooke and Bill, he would become wounded and run once again. Ridge continued to figure out why Brooke would be with her sister's husband. Brooke attempted to explain, but eventually told Ridge she never stopped loving him. Brooke told Ridge she never thought they had a future left together, but she knew that he had come back so that they could live under the same roof with R.J. as a family. They both sat in silence gazing at each other with tears in their eyes.

Quinn told Donna that Liam could search Hawaii until his beard grew in, but he would never be able to figure out where Hope and Wyatt were. Donna countered with the fact that Liam had this cool little app on Hope's phone that monitored her location at all times. She told Quinn that Liam would find Hope in less than a New York minute. Donna noted that Liam was most likely already with Hope.

Liam got Hope alone and told her about Steffy coming to see him with her new news. She would be able to have children in the future. Hope thought that was great, but Liam didn't understand why she ran. He wondered why she hadn't just knocked on the door to see what he and Steffy were talking about. Hope explained that it just didn't go down like that. She said the scenario was all to familiar and apologized to Liam. Liam wondered why that one look at him having a conversation with Steffy was all it took for Hope to run to Wyatt and walk out on their future. Hope remained silent.

Back at Katie's, Bill had flashbacks of his life with Katie as he watched her play with Will. She interrupted Bill's thoughts by asking him if Ridge had any choice words for him. Bill suspected Ridge didn't know about his relationship with Brooke. In the meantime, Brooke broke the ice by updating Ridge on Bill and Katie's problems. Ridge said he had heard about those problems and Brooke wondered what he had heard. Ridge mentioned Steffy telling him that Katie had problems after the baby came and that Bill and Katie were divorcing. Ridge said he hadn't heard anything else, but he had assumed Bill found a new woman.

Next week on this show, according to this CBS video preview, Ridge will visit Katie promising her that this New Year will be a different one for her. Hope and Wyatt will continue to hang out in Hawaii, and Donna will warn Quinn that her twisted agenda will backfire on her. Also, at some point next week, Wyatt presents Hope with a little black box.

On Monday's episode, this additional CBS video preview shows Ridge asking Katie how her she is holding up after her sister stole her husband right after he demands that Brooke make him understand how she could do this to her sister.

Don't miss Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts on the events unfolding in the comments section below. Will Hope leave Liam? Did Brooke blow her chance with Ridge? Would Bill and Quinn make a perfect couple? Do take a moment to vent!


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