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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Quinn wants Bill to release his inner beast

Can Bill resist Quinn's desires?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Katie and Ridge hung out together, thanks to Hope. They chatted about Katie's collapse and Katie wondered how Hope had figured out she was actually okay. Ridge said that Hope was protecting her mother. He told Katie when he first proposed to Brooke, she didn't accept right away. She wanted to make sure it would last forever.

Brooke was getting ready to go to Paris when Bill showed up. Bill was convinced Brooke's botched wedding was an omen that he and Brooke should get back together. Brooke said she didn't believe in omens. Bill was just about to kiss Brooke when Hope entered and wondered what was going on. Bill claimed he had been trying to get her mother to see that they had just been given a chance to be together since her wedding to Ridge didn't happen. Bill wondered if Hope would help him convince Brooke of that. Hope said there wasn't a chance that would happen.

Hope also wondered if Bill had gotten over his fever. A clueless Bill asked what she meant. She told him she had been at Liam's yesterday and heard strange noises coming from upstairs. Liam had said Bill wasn't feeling well. Bill admitted he wasn't because he had tied one on. He said it was something that would never happen again. That won't be true if Quinn has her way.

Wyatt told Quinn how Eric had asked him to get Stephanie's jewel collection appraised. He tried to get Quinn to examine the jewels, but she wasn't hearing what he was saying. He said she was being way too quiet about this and he knew something was up. Quinn stated she had had the most fascinating encounter with Wyatt's father earlier. Wyatt couldn't believe Quinn had been with Bill.

Wyatt assumed Quinn had gone to see Bill to rub it in that Brooke was marrying Ridge. Quinn said Wyatt couldn't fault her for that. She also said part of her felt sorry for Bill. Wyatt suspected Quinn had a love-hate relationship with Bill. Quinn mentioned she and Bill had reached a new level of understanding. Wyatt told his mother about Katie fainting at the wedding. He said that the wedding never happen. Quinn found that interesting. Hope sent Wyatt a text and he ran off to meet her.

Bill learned that Brooke was going to Paris with Hope and he said he wanted to go with her. Brooke said that wasn't going to happen. There was no doubt that Bill would be waiting for Brooke to get back home. Bill went home and Liam came in and wanted to know if he was alone. Bill wondered what he meant. Liam said he wanted to know if he was alone, or if Quinn was there. A shocked Bill wondered how he knew about that and Liam said they made so much noise, the entire city of Malibu knew about it.

Bill told Liam he and Quinn never happened. He ordered Liam not to say a word about it. Liam got the message. Bill updated Liam on Brooke and Hope's trip to Paris without Ridge. He said Brooke had told him it had something to do with Hope for the Future, but he thought there was more to the story than that. Bill suspected Liam knew more than he was saying.

Ridge and Katie continued talking and Ridge and Katie said perhaps she had made a mistake at the wedding. She shouldn't have faked the faint. She was about to call the Forrester jet to see if Ridge had time to make the flight. Ridge took the phone out of her hand. He said their connection had been an amazing surprise. He touched her cheek and she touched his hand. Later, he got Katie something to eat and said he was glad they were alone. Katie said she had become everything she had accused Brooke of being. Ridge said he felt as though Katie tried to fight her feelings. Ridge kissed her on the forehead and the two of them gazed at each other. Ridge said they had to sort out their feelings while Brooke was out of town.

Wyatt showed up at Brooke's to meet Hope. He saw her suitcases and assumed she was moving in with him. Hope told Wyatt she was going to Paris. He said he was too, once she invited him. He began speaking with a French accent. Hope said this wasn't the time for the two of them to go to Paris. She said she would be busy with her campaign and spending time with her mother. Wyatt said he would miss her and they shared a kiss.

Hope began to yawn and Brooke suggested she slide into the cabin to get some sleep. Brooke was thinking of those beautiful wedding vows Ridge read to her. Brooke told Hope she couldn't stop thinking about Ridge. She said she should have been on her honeymoon night. She told Hope she felt married to Ridge in her heart. Brooke also felt bad about Katie. She said she felt so lousy about interrupting the wedding and that was ridiculous because of everything Brooke had done to her. Hope told her to stop beating herself up. She also noted that her aunt Katie wasn't perfect.

Hope began to yawn and Brooke suggested she slide into the cabin to get some sleep. Brooke was thinking of those beautiful wedding vows Ridge read to her. Hope went into the cabin and found Wyatt was waiting for her. He said he couldn't let her go to the most romantic city in the world alone. The couple got down to business.

Katie didn't think Ridge expected this thing with her when he returned to town. He said it was an unexpected surprise. He suggested they start being honest right now. He knew it would affect a lot of people, but he wanted them to try. Elsewhere, Bill thought about the time he spent in Monte Carlo with Brooke.

On today's episode, Bill tells Quinn she is not his family. He makes sure she hears she's simply the mother of his child. Quinn wondered if he wants to release the inner beast in her. Aly tells Thorne that Hope belongs with Liam and Thorne wonders if someone will be the trigger that sets 'her' off.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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