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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Quinn threatens Liam and Bill works on Brooke

Wyatt promises Hope the world
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Wyatt greeted Hope in her Hawaiian hotel room. He wondered how she had slept. She said she had a dream about Liam being there wanting her to go home with him. Wyatt said that wasn't a dream. Hope wondered if he had any idea his mother had brought Steffy back from Paris and sent that note. Wyatt swore he had no idea what his mother had been up to.

Wyatt failed to recognize what difference it made how or why Steffy got to Liam on his wedding day. He said the real deal was that Steffy was there. He said the fact that Steffy could have children again was a reason for her to continue popping up into Liam's life. He wondered if Hope really wanted that.

Elsewhere, Bill told Liam about Ridge returning and Liam wondered what that meant for Bill. Bill insisted it meant nothing. Liam was surprised to hear that because he had been under the impression that Ridge was the love of Brooke's life. Bill stated that was all in the past and he wanted to talk about Liam's situation. Liam admitted he had no luck with Hope after flying to Hawaii and explaining to her that the whole thing was Quinn's doing.

Back at Forrester Creations, Quinn, Donna Oliver, Ally, Maya and Carter worked on showcasing some additional designs of Quinn's. Maya had talked Carter into being part of this photo shoot. Is there anything this guy can't do? He's an attorney, an actor, officiates weddings in his spare time, and now he's a model? Donna wondered if they should be doing this without Hope. It was her line after all. Quinn dismissed Donna's concerns and said Hope was in Hawaii with Wyatt. She thought Hope should be enjoying herself. Ally had notes from Wyatt and passed them to Oliver. Oliver didn't think there was much detail there about the campaign. Quinn insisted her son could be mysterious and even she didn't know what he had planned. Isn't it actually the other way around?

Wyatt told Hope it was a new year and it was time to push the reset button. Hope said it was hard not to wonder what things might have been like. He wanted her to focus on the future and told her he had something very special planned for today.

Quinn told Donna to make herself useful and stop questioning her every move. She repeated that Hope was in Hawaii with Wyatt and added that Liam was home alone where he should be. Speaking of Liam, he continued to vent about Quinn telling Bill the woman was insane and she needed to be stopped. Bill was grateful his taste in woman had improved over the years. Liam agreed but said one his baby momma's was certifiable and he and Hope were paying the price.

Wyatt told Hope he couldn't take her pain away. All he could do was show her what it was like to have a man completely devoted to her. He then promised to buy her the Hope for the Future diamond by their seventieth wedding anniversary. He also told her he had something special planned for the day.

Back at Forrester Creations, the photo shoot wrapped up and Oliver and Quinn seemed pleased with the results. Carter and Maya gushed all over each other and frankly, that was a snooze. Carter said he had more fun than he thought he would have. Ally asked Quinn if they were ready for the next set. Donna and Quinn had more harsh words for each other and elsewhere, Bill told Liam his situation was partly his fault. Bill admitted Quinn wouldn't be around if it weren't for him. Liam insisted Bill was not responsible for this. Liam said Quinn has had it out for him since the day she met him. He also said Wyatt promised him he would respect his relationship with Hope and the next thing you know, he's on an island with her.

Back in Hawaii, Wyatt wondered if Hope was ready for her next surprise. Hope said this was a little like Mexico without the diamond. Wyatt wondered what Hope would think if he told her there was more than one diamond. He said that diamond brought them together and they would always carry a little piece of it with them. Hope agreed it would always be in their memory. Wyatt pulled out a small black jeweler's box and Hope panicked. Wyatt assured her he wasn't proposing. He said he knew she wasn't ready and he wasn't either. He said they didn't have to rush anything and explained they had the rest of their lives to be married.

Wyatt said he didn't need to rush to the altar and pressure Hope. He said theirs was a different kind of relationship and he was a different kind of man. He said he wanted to be better and that was what his gift was about. He presented her with a part of the Hope for the Future diamond that was cut away after it was mined. Hope was overwhelmed by his gift. Hope said the necklace was amazing and she never owned anything like this.

Liam tells Bill that he doesn't intend to let Quinn get away with this. He was off to see her. Quinn and Donna were at it again when Quinn wanted coffee and Donna wouldn't get it for her. Donna told Quinn all her manipulations would eventually backfire. Quinn said they hadn't yet. Donna told Quinn to give it time. She told her she would eventually trash her relationship with Eric and predicted that eventually Wyatt would get tired of her trying to control his life. She told Quinn she would end up with nothing. Quinn said Wyatt was having the time of his life with Hope and said he was planning something very special for her today.

Wyatt told Hope he had wanted to take her out, but since she wasn't up for going out, he brought a piece of the island to her. Hula dancers entered with an outfit for Hope. Hope was clearly impressed by Wyatt's creativity. In the meantime, Liam hooked up with Quinn and blasted her for setting him up with Steffy the day of his wedding. She couldn't believe Liam wanted to chat about this again.

Liam wanted Quinn to admit what she had done. Quinn did so. She said all she did was encourage Steffy to share her good news with Liam. Quinn said she also wrote that note and she wasn't sorry because regardless of what Liam told Hope, she knew he had never gotten over Steffy. Liam told Quinn not to tell him how he felt. Quinn said Hope needed to see this. She said Hope needed closure. Liam pointed out that he and Steffy had closure a long time ago. He insisted he was moving on with Hope.

Quinn wondered what it was like to be Liam. She told him he was weak and never able to make a decision. She told Liam he had several chances with Hope and he blew all of them. She insisted Hope was with Wyatt now. Liam told Quinn he did not intend to ever give up on Hope.

Hope put on her hula outfit and learned the dance with a pleased Wyatt looking on. The dancers left and Hope thanked Wyatt for a great experience. They shared a tropical cocktail and Wyatt told Hope his love was hers (in Hawaiian of course).

On the next episode, according to this CBS video preview, Bill continues to work on Brooke. He tells her she cannot deny what they have, unless she found something better with someone else. Liam tells Quinn he will fly to the ends of the earth to get Hope back and he will do it again and again. Quinn tells Liam to stay away from Hope and stay away from Wyatt if he knows what's good for him.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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