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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Quinn threatens Charlie and Liam's got Wyatt

Will Charlie expose Wyatt?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, a shocked Hope asks Wyatt if he's asking her to move in with him. He said he was and she said "as a couple" Wyatt said if he were simply looking for a roomate, he would have skipped buying her flowers. Wyatt said he knew it was too soon and perhaps he was rushing things, but he saw no reason to wait. "Why not just do it" he said to Hope as he waited for her answer.

At the Forrester boutique, Liam had Charlie reset the stage for when the Hope for the Future Diamond was taken. Liam was full of questions and Charlie literally walked through the details of the missing diamond. Quinn chatted with Pam about reasons why Liam might have gone to the boutique with Charlie. Aly came out to have Quinn look at a design and she was clearly irritated because she felt she had to get to the boutique. Liam instructed Charlie to review the surveillance footage from the day of the heist. He wanted Charlie to call him if he found anything.

Wyatt continued chatting with Hope about moving in with him. She told Wyatt she had just told her brother they were taking things slow. Wyatt said Hope could move in one shoe box at a time. He said it could be just like Hawaii with her in the next room, only closer.

Aly asked Pam if she thought Quinn was upset with her because she asked her to go take a look at that dress. Pam said she thought Quinn simply had somewhere to be. Aly said Quinn was usually nice to people. Pam stated she was never nice to Donna, but Pam didn't really care for Donna either. Pam told Aly because she was Eric's granddaughter, she had nothing to worry about. Quinn would never get upset with her.

Liam came in and wondered where Hope was. Pam said she went out and she wanted to hear all about what happened at the boutique and the article Liam was writing. Pam had been imagining a feature on her guy Charlie in "Eye on Fashion." Liam laughed and Pam took off. Aly wanted to know about the article and Liam suggested they talk somewhere else.

Liam got Aly alone and told her he thinks he got Wyatt. He said if the guy did what he thought he did, he's got him. Back at Wyatt's place, he continued to try to convince Hope to move in with him. She wanted to know if he had ever lived with anyone else. Wyatt admitted he hadn't but stated getting along with his mother was one major accomplishment. He said he was a very patient person. He also understood why Hope was hesitant. She wondered if he really did. He insisted he did. She ended up telling Wyatt she would visit him often, but she just wasn't ready to move in yet.

Hope figured Wyatt was going to offer her the big bathroom in the house, and he said he was. Wyatt told Hope he would ask her to move in again later and she said she hoped he would. Wyatt also told Hope he refused to allow Liam to lure her back in only to let her down again.

Charlie reviewed the surveillance footage from the day of the jewel heist to try to determine where Wyatt was and what he was doing.

In the meantime, Liam explained his theory about that robbery to Aly. He was convinced that Liam had something to do with it. Things just didn't add up. Aly told Liam she was sorry about what happened to Liam and Hope's wedding. She just thought trying to pin a robbery on Wyatt was taking things a little too far. Liam said there were no boundaries with Wyatt. He said the guy would cross any line to get to Hope. He believed the guy was dangerous and said Hope had to know about this. She wasn't safe with him.

Hope assured Wyatt he was not a rebound. She just thought if they moved in together now, it would look like that. He said they didn't work so hard at Forrester to have their relationship undermined. Hope said she hadn't thought of that. Wyatt reminded her that her choices defined the brand. She didn't want to keep their relationship a secret because she was proud of what they had accomplished. Wyatt said it was important to keep her flawless beauty and integrity in the limelight because she was the Hope for the Future brand.

Aly wondered why Wyatt would steal the diamond after bringing it to Forrester. Liam said the reason was, that he wanted to find it again and look like a hero. Hope and Wyatt had been trending all over the world when the diamond arrived, and Liam took that chance to make himself look good. Aly thought it was extreme. Liam said the Fuller's were extreme. He mentioned Quinn hacking into his e-mail, forging notes and flying half way around the world to bring Steffy back to cause trouble.

Aly told Liam she knows Quinn used some questionable tactics, but she didn't believe that either Wyatt or Quinn would ever do anything to hurt Hope. Liam wondered what could happen if Hope got on their bad side. He insisted all the Fuller's cared about was their own agendas. He know it had all been Quinn up to this point, but he remained determined to expose Wyatt if he were guilty of stealing that diamond.

Charlie was wrapping up his review of the surveillance footage and couldn't find a thing. Suddenly, however, he viewed the actual theft and saw proof that Wyatt was the guy who stole that precious rock. He picked up the phone to alert Liam and suddenly heard Quinn's voice telling him to put the phone down.

On today's episode, according to this CBS video preview, Liam tells Aly if he can prove that Wyatt took that diamond, it will prove that he's just as dangerous as his mother. Quinn tells Charlie he wasn't going to make that call to Liam or to anyone else. Hope lets Wyatt know he's always been an intriguing combination of safe and unpredictable. Hope pleads with Bill to convince Katie to let him come home. Charlie said what he found out isn't fair and he's not going to let it stand.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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