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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Quinn tells Bill he can't control everything

Has Hope found her destiny?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Rick agreed to be Ridge's best man. Eric was glad to see them getting along as brothers. He reminded them there was room for everyone at the company and said he was proud of both of them. Eric was also thrilled that Ridge was reclaiming his life with Brooke.

Elsewhere, Pam. Aly and Donna hung out with Brooke. Aly called Ridge and Brooke the destiny couple and Donna pointed out that they always ended up back together no matter what. Pam called Brooke and Ridge inspiring and Donna thought Pam was getting a lot of inspiration from Charlie. The girls wondered if there would was another wedding in the works. Pam insisted she and Charlie were simply friends. She also presented Brooke with a tub of brownies that Charlie had prepared with her help. Brooke graciously accepted her gift.

Liam was in Katie's office at Spencer Publications trying to talk business, but Katie was a million miles away. She hadn't been listening to a word he said. Liam finally got her attention and told her he knew she was thinking of Ridge. Katie didn't want to talk about that. Liam said she was an honorable person and he knew she didn't want to inflict the same kind of pain on Brooke that she had inflicted on her. Katie was glad Liam had been listening. Liam said if she and Ridge had feelings for each other, then Ridge shouldn't be marrying Brooke. Liam said Katie was in a position to stop the wedding and he thought she should do that.

Back at Eric's place, Aly passed out bridal books and the girls wondered what kind of Valentine's Day Brooke had with Ridge. Brooke admitted they didn't spend the day together. She said they decided to wait until they were married. Aly thought that made everything seem much more special. Brooke also mentioned that R.J. didn't know about the upcoming wedding. She said she and Ridge decided to tell him after they were married.

In the meantime, Ridge told Eric and Rick he had come back home to marry Brooke and find his place in the company. Eric said he never doubted that Brooke and Ridge would end up back together. Rick hoped that Ridge wasn't harboring any resentment towards his mother. Ridge said this last bump was a big one, but he and Brooke got past it. He said he wished Bill and Brooke had never happened and he wished Katie didn't get hurt. He added that Brooke wasn't perfect, but he loved her.

Maya and Carter entered and Ridge asked Carter to officiate the wedding. Carter happily agreed and that became a done deal. Elsewhere, Katie told Liam she would not be stopping any wedding. Katie said she wasn't Brooke. Liam suggested that Ridge just might need the "un Brooke." Katie simply looked at him in disbelief.

Liam told Katie he hoped she was considering doing something that made her happy. He said he saw something in her when she was with Ridge and he thought she should own it. Katie said she understood that Liam cared about her, but she knew Ridge and Brooke were meant to be. Liam pointed out that people always said he and Hope were meant to be. Katie said they would find their way back to each other just like Ridge and Brooke had. Liam said the getting together and breaking up thing wasn't a fun ride. He thought Ridge needed someone dependable and he thought that someone was her.

Katie told Liam she wished she could be more like Brooke and say to hell with everyone, but she couldn't. She said Brooke and Ridge would be together and she wouldn't be the reason R.J. was robbed of having his mother and father live together under the same roof.

Ridge thanked Carter once again for agreeing to officiate the wedding. He wondered when it would be Maya and Carter's turn. Carter told him to ask Maya. Maya said she was enjoying her engagement. She liked calling Carter her fiance. Eric said that sounded smart. Maya said everything would happen in its own time and she wanted to enjoy her experience. Carter mentioned getting together with Brooke and Ridge to discuss the ceremony and they left the office.

Ridge commented on what a nice couple they were and he hoped he wasn't being insensitive towards Rick. Rick noted he was a happily married man. Ridge said he was following his lead and also mentioned this wedding couldn't happen fast enough.

Brooke told the girls, she can't remember ever being this happy. Elsewhere, the girls continued to plan the wedding. Pam thought Brooke and Ridge should get married underneath Stephanie's portrait. Donna said that was a terrible idea. She thought they should get married near the window and let the outside in. Donna thought Stephanie could hop out of that portrait and steal the show, or, it would come crashing down. Brooke said she would love that. She liked the window idea, but she thought she and Ridge should be married underneath that portrait.

The girls wanted to know who would stand up for Brooke. Pam said she could think of a million volunteers and Donna was one of them. Brooke said she had to give that one some thought. She said it felt like all of the pieces of her life were coming together, and while she may not deserve it, she had decided to accept it.

Aly mentioned the love between Brooke and Ridge was electric. She wanted to experience loving someone so much someday that it would be torture not to be around them. Donna suggested she dial that dream down a notch. Pam advised her not to let her identity get lost in a man. She thought she should keep something just for herself.

Pam mentioned Brooke and Donna's father leaving her. She said she lost all self esteem when he walked away. She said it had taken her a very long time to peel herself off the floor. Brooke said the advice Donna and Pam gave was advice she never followed. She told Aly they were right. Aly said she was a hopeless romantic, but she also wanted to make a name for herself in the fashion business.

Brooke wondered if Thorne would be home for the wedding. Aly said Thorne loved Paris and he loved the job. She said she was happy for him and proud, but he couldn't get away right now. Aly didn't want to be unprofessional, but she really needed to visit her father. Brooke told Aly she should go see her father. Aly didn't want to let Hope down, but she said she could prep for her from Paris. Brooke gave her blessing and the two shared a hug.

Katie wondered if Liam had heard from Hope. Liam said Wyatt monopolized all her time. Liam said Wyatt got to be with her on Valentine's Day. Katie said he shouldn't put so much stock in a manufactured holiday. She then said she was miserable on Valentine's Day herself. She said she went to the park alone and read from her poetry book. She had been thinking of being there with Ridge, R.J. and Will. It had been so wonderful. They were all like a family. Liam said they could all be her family.

Liam wondered about the poetry book Katie had dug out. Katie said it had been an old hobby of hers. There was one poem called "Love's Philosophy" that she had always loved. Liam knew the poem. He said it was beautiful and Katie agreed.

Back at Forrester, Eric picked up a photo of Stephanie and said it was times like this, celebratory times, that he missed Stephanie the most. Rick noted she was always with them. Ridge agreed. He said he could sense her disapproval all the way from Paris. Eric insisted she would be proud of him today. Ridge mentioned taking Brooke for grant it. He said that was a young man's mistake and he wouldn't be making it again.

Brooke knocked on Katie's door and asked if it were a bad time. Katie invited her in. Brooke said she had something very important to ask Katie.

Eric wondered what was on Rick's mind. When they were alone he asked his son what he had been thinking about the entire time Ridge was in the room. Rick said he was concerned about Brooke. Eric pointed out the fact that Brooke was about to get everything she ever wanted. Rick wasn't so sure. He said Ridge came rushing back from Paris intending to get back with his mother. Rick said Ridge was no longer so hot on the concept of marriage upon discovering what Brooke had been up to. Rick said the thoughts of Brooke with Bill represented something Ridge didn't like.

Eric admitted that had been an issue for Ridge, but swore he was over it. He told Rick Brooke would be more secure with Ridge than she ever had been. He also added that those two were destined to be together and they had proven it over and over again. Rick didn't seem as sure about this as Eric was.

Ridge was on the rooftop at Forrester thinking of both Brooke and Katie. Brooke wondered if Katie was getting closer to forgiving her for what happened with Bill. Katie said she was. Brooke said that was good because she knew she had caused so much damage. Brooke said she knew Katie couldn't forgive her just because she wanted it. Katie said she knew Brooke was sorry and she believed her when she had said she would never hurt her that way again.

Brooke said she was really happy that the distance between them was growing smaller. She also thanked Katie for supporting her and Ridge. She said it meant a lot to both of them. Katie had another Ridge flashback. Brooke hoped her wedding would bring their family closer together. Brooke spoke about the power of love and said she would be proud and honored to have Katie be her matron of honor. She asked Katie to say yes.

On today's episode, Ridge claims Brooke lives from her heart, and that's where she is irresistible to all men. Brooke tells Katie if she ever wants them to be sisters again, being in her wedding could take them there. Quinn tells Bill despite what he thinks, he cannot control all things. Katie tells Ridge he and Brooke are meant for each other, and no one can argue with that.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and so share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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