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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Quinn eyes Bill and Katie wants Ridge

Are you ready for Quill?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," at Forrester, Rick holds a meeting with Brooke, Ridge, Wyatt, Carter and Maya. They wondered if Hope was coming in. Brooke suggested they start without her because she was out with Wyatt late last night. Maya mentioned she had heard Wyatt and Hope were dating now. Carter suspected that Liam must be bummed. Rick stated that was the way relationships went. He said relationships sometimes ran their course.

While Rick was on the subject of relationships, he wanted to know when Maya and Carter were getting married. Carter said Rick would have to direct that question to Maya because she was the one who couldn't decide where or when.

Elsewhere, Liam showed up at Katie's to check on the announcement she intended to make about him. Katie said she figured he must have been wondering about that. She also stated she was a little surprised she didn't hear from him last night. Liam thought about witnessing Katie and Ridge about to share a kiss when he walked in last night. He disappeared and never mentioned he was there.

Katie explained how she wanted to build a new team at Spencer Publications since Bill's role had been diminished. She wanted people on her team that she could trust. She wanted creative types and told Liam she thought he would be better suited as Vice President of Spencer. A shocked Liam didn't know what to say.

Maya was on the spot in the Forrester boardroom and she insisted she couldn't wait to plan a wedding, but she just hasn't gotten around to it yet. Ridge suggested Maya turn to Brooke is she needed help because she had planned several weddings. Rick pointed out Brooke had planned more weddings that one could even count.

Carter claimed Maya had an entire wedding committee at her disposal. Maya thanked everyone and said she had to go meet with Oliver to look over some proofs. Naturally, she was thinking about that kiss she shared with him. Ridge told her to forget about Oliver and offered the Forrester Estate as the wedding location. Carter told Maya she knew how he felt. Maya said the Forrester Estate was a wonderful idea, but she didn't want to discuss it until after her meeting with Oliver.

Liam told Katie he wasn't expecting to be asked to take the vice president's position. Katie said he had clearly learned the ropes and had been taught by Bill. She was sure Bill would agree with her decision. Liam said he was honored and grateful. Liam praised Katie's work as CEO and she said she was grateful for Liam's loyalty. She thanked him for accepting the job offer as well.

Liam explained when he got her memo about the announcement, he was sure she was about to fire him. He said he had come over last night to see her. He said Katie was with Ridge and he didn't want to interrupt because it looked as though something was going on. Katie appeared as though her heart just sank.

Maya went to meet Oliver and he was chatting with a guy named Brandon who had met Pam volunteering at the animal shelter. Brandon had a couple of puppies who were being adopted that day and he made his exit as Maya entered. Maya briefly admired the puppies and Oliver got to the proofs he wanted to show Maya. He said they were gorgeous. He told her she looked amazing. Maya apologized, but told him she had to say something.

She said the kiss they shared was a mistake. She stated she shouldn't have let it happen and they could never go there again.

The meeting in the Forrester board room broke up and Rick went downstairs to tend to business. Carter followed after thanking Ridge for his wedding offer. Brooke mentioned all that wedding chatter to Ridge. Ridge noted he knew she would say something about that.

Carter told Maya he didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable. She told Oliver they had a good working relationship and that kiss was a bad idea. Oliver insisted he got it. Maya said that was good because she was really in love with Carter and she didn't intend to let him down. Oliver said if she needed someone to blame, she could blame him because he was the one who initiated it. He told her they felt something in the moment and she shouldn't feel guilty. Maya said she did feel guilty and Oliver said that's because she was an amazing woman. Maya texted Carter to meet her in the steam room. Maya told Oliver she really liked working with her. He said he hoped that kiss didn't affect their relationship. She said she hoped so too.

Liam told Katie he wasn't judging her. He said he just didn't expect to see her alone with Ridge. Katie said she could only imagine what it must have looked like, but she insisted nothing happened. Liam wondered if Brooke knew. Katie said there was nothing to know. She also said she would appreciate it if he didn't tell anyone.

Liam said he had not been aware that Katie and Ridge were such close friends. Katie said she and Ridge got together with the kids from time to time. She said Ridge and R.J. were great with Will. She also noted she was aware of the fact that Ridge and Brooke belonged together. They shared a child together and she shared one with Bill. Liam pointed out the fact that Katie was not getting back with Bill.

Liam wondered if Katie intended to live her life alone. Katie said there were plenty of men out there. Liam told her he was sure she had feelings for Ridge.

Maya met Carter in the steam room and noted they should do this more often. Carter brought up marrying her again. She said she was thinking the same thing. Maya said it was crazy, generous to offer them the Forrester Estate for the wedding. Maya said they had their whole lives to talk about that. She said she couldn't talk and kiss at the same time. They opted for kissing.

Liam continued pressing Katie about her feelings for Ridge. She said she cared about him and she couldn't deny that. She said he understood what happened to her, Bill and Brooke from her perspective. She also stated that was it and she would be beyond hypocritical if she let it go any further. Katie insisted she wouldn't do to Brooke what Brooke did to her.

Liam didn't see what the issue was. He said that there was nothing wrong with Katie being interested in Ridge. He said she deserved to be happy. Katie insisted she wasn't Brooke. Katie said she was texting Ridge to make sure he was on the same page. Liam noted he loved his father, but he hated how he turned on Katie. An exasperated Katie said it had just been so long since she was able to relax and have fun. She explained she got caught up in a fantasy. She said it wasn't real and emphasized that nothing could ever happen between her and Ridge.

Brooke told Ridge she couldn't help herself. She said she had been thinking about their wedding. He wondered which one, and Brooke said "all of them...but most especially, the one that hasn't happened yet." Ridge noted their was no pressure and Brooke said she would never pressure him. Ridge wondered if Brooke had spoken to R.J. She said she had, and he wants Ridge home too.

Ridge wanted to discuss R.J. leaving the school in Ojai and returning to the L.A. Brooke said she and Ridge needed a little more time. She said R.J. would eventually come home once his parents were living under the same roof. A frustrated Ridge got a text and said he had to deal with something. The couple agreed to talk later.

Back in the steam room, things were heating up between Maya and Carter. Rick spoke to Brooke about getting back together with Ridge. He wondered if that would ever happen. Brooke insisted it would. Rick didn't understand what Ridge was waiting for. She said a lot had happened and she had to earn is trust and respect again. She insisted Ridge would return. She told Rick she was sure she would always be the love of Ridge's life.

Ridge responded to Katie's text and explained how Liam saw them together. She said she told him nothing was happening. She said it was only natural that she and Ridge would find a connection because they had both been hurt. She insisted Brooke was in love with him and she wouldn't hurt Brooke the way Brooke hurt her. Ridge wondered what Katie was asking him to do. Katie told Ridge he was a compassionate person. She said she loved spending time with him and R.J., but she didn't want to feel as though she was keeping a secret. She thanked him for being so nice to her. She said the feelings she had scared her and this had to be the end for them.

On today's episode, Hope tells Brooke Wyatt is unlike any guy she's ever met. Quinn asks Bill how things are going for him and Brooke these days. Are you ready for Quill? Brooke tells Hope she made a promise to Katie that Bill was out of her life for good and she intended to keep that promise. Katie tells someone she wants to stop this before she does something she will regret. She insists she doesn't want to be her sister. Brooke insists Ridge is the only man she wants in her life.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Is Katie making a mistake?

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