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'The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn cozies up to a suspicious Pam

What does Quinn want with Pam?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Liam struggled to escape from that stuck elevator as Quinn admired her work gazing at the fuse box. Oliver ran into Wyatt up in the Sky Lounge and couldn't help but notice Wyatt's new trailer. Wyatt told Oliver that he and Hope were going on a road trip. He said they needed this to take their relationship to the next level. Oliver wished him a great trip.

Hope arrived at Liam's place and called out to him. Naturally, Liam was still on that elevator calling out for help as Hope wondered where he was.

Oliver ran into Maya who was waiting for that freight elevator. She couldn't understand why it was so slow. Oliver said when the main elevator was out, it was typical for the freight elevator to be tied up. Oliver showed Maya the proofs from her last shoot and she was amazed at how great they turned out. She said he was a great photographer. Oliver said it was all her. He said the camera loved her and she was the best subject he ever had. Grinning, Maya suspected Oliver said that to all the models. Oliver admitted that was true, but he only said things like that when he meant them.

Quinn entered the Sky Lounge and wondered what Wyatt was still doing there. Wyatt explained a final vehicle check was being done on his truck and trailer. Quinn wondered if Wyatt heard what she told him on the phone. She said Hope was with Liam now. Wyatt told his mother to relax. He said Hope was with him now, and they were in a great place. Quinn told her son now was not the time for becoming over confident. Quinn wanted Wyatt to get Hope out of town before she met Liam.

Wyatt told Quinn that Liam was probably already with Hope. Quinn said she happened to know that Liam was still in the building. He had gotten distracted and was talking to Rick. She told Wyatt he needed to get his butt on the road and go pick Hope up now. A frustrated Liam realized he had no cell phone service. It only took him about a half and hour to check the phone.

Maya told Oliver she couldn't believe they were still waiting for that freight elevator. Oliver suspected it was still down at the loading dock. He said there were frequent deliveries these days. He told Maya there was something special about her. It was her eyes and her attitude. He said she was electric and she didn't know what that meant. He advised her not to over analyze that. He said he had photographed a lot of models in his day and most of them were aloof. He said Maya was warm and that was why the camera loved her so much. He thought it was also the reason why her fans missed her so much when she was gone.

Oliver said he missed Maya when she was gone as well. He told her she brightened up a room and all she had to do was smile. Maya told Oliver he was sweet. She smiled and Oliver enjoyed the experience.

Quinn wondered where Wyatt's sense of urgency was. He said relationships were about trust. Hope had said she was committed to him and he believed that. He said he wouldn't get between Hope and Liam every time they had a conversation. Quinn pointed out the fact that she was the one who told her that Hope went to see Liam. Hope never said a word to him. Quinn told Wyatt he couldn't become complacent right now. She told him to rush to Liam's to pick up Hope before Liam had a chance to change Hope's mind about going.

In the meantime, Hope experienced one of those mega flashbacks of the time she spent with Liam. Naturally, there was some music involved. Liam remained trapped on that elevator and began rattling the cage to get some attention.

Quinn told Wyatt she knew she could be over the top, but she only wanted the best for him. She said she knew she could be a little pushy at times, but she wanted people to realize Wyatt was a force. She said he found a partner in Hope in business and in life. She said Hope came with some baggage and his name was Liam. She reminded Wyatt of Hope and Liam's history. She said that history was a strong pull. Quinn told Wyatt to go get in that thing and rush off to find Hope. He said he would be off the grid for awhile and Quinn assured him she would be fine.

Maya and Oliver were still waiting for that elevator. He said it was nice to spend time with her outside of the shoots. She said she got nervous before every shoot but stated Oliver's presence helped her through. She said she liked it when it was just him, her and the camera. Oliver noted the two of them made a good team and they shared a kiss.

Wyatt pulled up outside Liam's. Hope was pacing inside when Wyatt interrupted her flashback. She wondered how Wyatt knew she was there. Wyatt said he had his ways. Wyatt told Hope that Liam most likely asked her there to talk her out of going on that trip. Hope said he was probably right. Wyatt suggested they take off. He said Hope didn't have to listen to Liam badger her about being with him. He said it was none of his business and she didn't have to feel obligated to hear Liam out. Hope said she knew all that and noted she didn't feel obligated. She had said she would meet him and she thought she should give him a few more minutes.

Back at Forrester, Maya told Oliver he shouldn't kiss her. He said he felt something. She said she liked him a lot, but she was engaged to Carter. She said Carter is who she chose. Oliver said he knew she was engaged and Maya decided to abandon the freight elevator and take the stairs. Oliver decided to check the fuse box and noticed the switch for the freight elevator had tripped. He reset it and Liam was on his way.

Wyatt suggested he and Hope leave. She reminded him he said they would be totally unplugged, so she tossed her cell phone into the ocean mentioning she was due for an upgrade anyway. Just then, Liam tried to call Hope to explain where he was.

On today's episode, according to this CBS video preview, Quinn tells Charlie he has to forget what happened at the boutique. She assures him he has nothing to be ashamed of. Wyatt tells Hope he wants her to know who he is. He said who he was and who he is now is like two totally different people. Quinn tells Pam she has admired her from the first day she met her. Pam asks Quinn if she's ever done anything really bad. Liam tells Caroline about his elevator experience and tells her the common denominator in so many of the things that have been happening to him and Hope is Quinn.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Anyone out there need a break from the relentless Quinn?

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