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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Quinn attempts to get Steffy off that plane

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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Wyatt showed up at Liam's door to apologize for all he's done. He promises Liam he will keep his distance from Hope. He just wants to keep working with Forrester Creations for the sake of his mother, the company and their employees. Liam listened, but appeared not to budge.

In the meantime, Quinn was with Eric who promised to talk to Hope about the decision to sever ties with Quinn and Wyatt. Quinn was more than grateful that Eric would go to bat for her. Eric insisted she and Wyatt were a great addition to Forrester Creations and admitted he would hate to see them go. Donna interrupted and suddenly, Steffy entered Eric's office. A thrilled Eric greeted Steffy telling her she looked beautiful. She wondered if he had missed her and he jokingly asked if she had been gone. The two embraced.

Elsewhere, Hope moaned to Brooke about her strong attraction to Wyatt would make her uncomfortable being around him as a married woman. She noted her strong attraction to Wyatt didn't compromise her commitment to Liam, but, she thought having Wyatt lurking around the office every day wasn't the best idea. Brooke assumed Hope didn't trust herself. Hope admitted she simply couldn't have the guy around, but she knew she would see him at family parties and holidays.

She mentioned how forward Wyatt has been and how honest he had been about his feelings for her. She claimed he's never been shy about expressing his feelings. Brooke noted how confident Wyatt is. Hope said perhaps in another life she and Wyatt would have been together, but she didn't want to think about that now because it was never going to happen. Brooke wanted to make sure this was Hope's decision and not Liam's. Hope insisted it was her choice and she was finally going to marry Liam. Brooke wondered why she couldn't marry Liam and work with Wyatt, and Hope said she didn't want to tempt fate.

Wyatt continued working on Liam at the beach house. He said her knew Liam was marrying Hope and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Liam told him to stop trying. Wyatt said he misjudged Liam because of the stories he heard about all the botched weddings and Steffy creeping back into Liam's life over and over. He said he thought Hope deserved better and he wanted to keep Liam away from her. He knew now however, that Steffy was no longer a threat and he was suddenly ready to accept the fact that Liam and Hope were getting married. Liam was offended that Wyatt thought it was his business to judge him. Liam wasn't giving an inch.

Back at Forrester Creations, Eric introduced Steffy to Quinn. She and Eric continued to chat with Quinn hanging on their every word. Steffy said her father and Thomas were doing well. She thought it was strange they all ended up in Paris. Eric noted there were worse places to be and Steffy admitted she still missed living in L.A. Eric said it wasn't the same without her and Steffy suspected it was quieter without her. Eric wondered what Steffy's plans were. She said it was a quick trip. She had flown in for a doctor's appointment and nobody even knew she was there. She was heading back on the Forrester jet to Paris and thanked Eric for the use of the airbus. Eric informed her he had just heard that Hope and Liam were getting married soon. Steffy said she was glad because that's what she wanted. She rushed off to the airport.

Hope told Brooke Liam's had concerns about Wyatt and Hope working together for a long time. She wished she had been more sensitive. Brooke said at least Liam got a taste of how she felt when Steffy was lurking around. The conversation shifted to how happy they both were about Hope's impending wedding. Wyatt continued to plead his case with Liam fighting for his mother and employees to remain where they were. Liam said the last thing he wanted to do was hurt other people. Wyatt stated that was good and Liam told him to put the brakes on it.

Liam said he wouldn't allow Wyatt to lay a guilt trip on him. Wyatt wondered what he did to Liam that was so bad. He said he prevented a jewelry heist for Hope. He said he had been there for her and stated he only had eyes for her. He claimed all he had done was kiss Hope a few times and he demanded that Liam get over it. He told yoga boy to go meditate on that if he had to. Wyatt wanted to know what Liam had done for her. Liam claimed he had been patient, honest and devoted. He also added he was the man that Hope has been in love with for years and years and that was why she was cutting him out of her life. He told Wyatt he had no choice but to respect that.

Back at Forrester, Quinn wanted to run something by Eric. She said ever since she had worked at Forrester, she's wanted to take a trip to International in Paris. She claimed she wanted to meet the team because they are such a vital part of Forrester Creations. She wanted to show them how to pair the jewels with the designs. She said it would be a quick and effective trip. Eric suggested she catch the jet and hop a ride with Steffy to Paris. Quinn rushed off and told Donna to shut up on her way out the door.

Brooke and Hope were discussing how Quinn would react to losing her job at Forrester. Brooke didn't think she'd take it lightly. Hope agreed but said Quinn was a business woman and eventually, she would understand. Brooke was sure Liam was happy with Hope's decision. Hope said he was thrilled and fully devoted to her. Hope was happy that Steffy was finally history.

Liam tells Wyatt that he knows Wyatt and his mother have made considerable contributions to Forrester. He also said Quinn was unstable, self absorbed and way too obsessed with Wyatt. Wyatt pointed out that he was all his mother had. Liam said Wyatt had been cocky and arrogant. He had disrespected his relationship with Hope and now, everything was over. Liam said Wyatt would have to live with what he and his mother had done to Liam.

Steffy was sitting on the jet when Quinn entered. She wondered what Quinn was doing there. Quinn claimed she came to stop Steffy. Donna approached Eric and the two had an interesting conversation about Quinn. Donna thought there was something seriously wrong with Quinn and she told Eric to watch out for her. She suspected Quinn was after some prestige and perhaps some of Eric's money. Eric stated he enjoyed Quinn's company and didn't quite get what Donna was thinking. Donna thought it was odd that the creepy Quinn was headed for Paris. She said she hoped it was one way. Quinn told Wyatt where she was going and Wyatt thought her timing was terrible. Quinn promised this was just what they needed.

Liam told Hope that Wyatt had come to see him. He said Wyatt was out of his life forever. He wanted to plan the wedding. Quinn told Steffy that there was still time to turn the plane around. Steffy didn't understand what she was talking about. Quinn said she could tell Steffy still loved Liam and said she wanted her to go back to L.A. to prevent Hope and Liam from getting married.

On the next episode, Hope tells Liam she hopes what she has done in terms of Wyatt and Quinn will prove how committed she is to him. Quinn tells Steffy she hopes she can convince her to return to L.A. Steffy claims she can't go after Liam because he is so close to marrying the woman who can give her what she can't---a family. Something here indicated that Quinn won't give up until she gets her way.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and do share your thoughts on Quinn's act in the comments section below.


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