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'The Bold and the Beautiful' Pam tells Charlie that Quinn bet on the wrong pony

Will Liam go on a road trip of his own to find Hope?
Will Liam go on a road trip of his own to find Hope?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Hope and Wyatt basked in the afterglow of making love to each other for the first time. They retreated to the trailer where Hope lit candles and Wyatt opened a bottle of wine. Hope was beyond grateful for this road trip. She told Wyatt he made her feel comfortable and loved. Wyatt didn't want Hope to get too used to this fine living. He said a few years down the road, when they went camping, they would be sleeping on the ground. Hope said that did't matter as long as she was with him.

Wyatt stepped outside and was star gazing when Hope asked what he was doing. He said he was thinking about how much of an impact she had made in his life. Hope pointed out the fact that he was camping when they met and he was still camping now. Wyatt said originally, he camped for the adventure of it all. Now, he was camping because he had her in his life.

Back at Forrester Creations, Pam wanted to know what Wyatt had done that had Charlie so rattled. Quinn wondered if Pam ever read romance novels. Pam said she did. She said what her son did was wrong, but it was swoon worthy. Quinn stated if she had known what Wyatt intended to do, she would have stopped him, but in the end she insisted nobody got hurt. Quinn even imagined that Hope and Wyatt might tell their grandchildren the story someday. Charlie said it was a story he might tell the police someday. Charlie said two innocent men were in prison and he thought it was time for the truth to come out.

A confused Pam wondered if they were talking about the jewelry heist. Quinn finally admitted her son had taken the diamond, but she insisted he had done it to garner some publicity for Forrester Creations. She also claimed he did it to make Charlie look like a hero. She insisted Wyatt never thought two actual jewelry thieves would turn up at the boutique. Pam finally got it that this was what was bothering Charlie.

Quinn insisted Wyatt's actions had been nothing more than a prank. Pam admitted pulling a few of those in her day. Quinn also mentioned Forrester Creations was thriving, two thugs were behind bars and Hope was truly happy with Wyatt. Quinn pleaded with Pam to convince Charlie to keep this a secret between friends. Pam said she knew how important second chances were.

Pam told Charlie she knew his interpretation of the law meant that he clearly knew the difference between right and wrong. She respected that, but she told him right vs. wrong wasn't always crystal clear. She wondered if Charlie believed that Wyatt deserved a second chance. Charlie said he would give Wyatt his chance, but he was only doing that for Pam. Quinn thanked Pam and Charlie and gave Pam a long hug. Quinn promised to make it up to Pam and said they should have another "mani-pedi" soon. Pam stated she would love that.

Quinn left the office and Pam blurted out to Charlie that they were going to tell. Charlie didn't quite get what she was saying. Pam said they were going to tell Liam the truth.

A disappointed Caroline told Rick she couldn't believe Hope hadn't sent any updates from the road. Rick reminded her that Wyatt and Hope had no cell phones and were totally unplugged. Caroline told Rick he better not even think about making her travel that way. It would be far too primitive for her. Caroline suspected that Rick's mother must be dying to know how Hope's trip was going. Rick explained Brooke had her hands full. She was proposing to Ridge.

Rick said he wanted to call his mother, but Caroline suggested he wait until he heard from her. Rick hated what Brooke was going through and didn't like the struggle she seemed to be having with Ridge. He wondered if she would be better off without him.

Things weren't going all that well for Brooke at Katie's house. Ridge had Brooke's engagement ring in his hand and he simply slipped it into her palm telling her it was too soon for him. Brooke had believed they could be a family again, but it wasn't meant to be. Ridge admitted he wasn't saying it would never happen, but it wouldn't happen now.

Brooke suspected Ridge was worried about Bill. She promised she would never go down that road again. She looked at Katie and asked Katie to tell Ridge that, but an unsure Katie didn't say a word. Brooke claimed she knew what she did was wrong, but she insisted she could help Ridge accept it. Ridge stated he wasn't sure if he wanted to accept it. Brooke asked Ridge to focus on R.J. She mentioned how much he wanted his parents together.

Katie reminded both Brooke and Ridge that they loved each other. She felt they always found their way back to each other. She thought they could do that again. Ridge wondered if Katie would find her way back to Bill. Katie insisted her situation was very different. She said she would love to be back in a loving family for Will's sake, but she felt deep down it would never happen. She said Ridge and Brooke had a chance and they should take it. She commented that at least there could be one happy ending.

Katie grabbed Brooke's ring and handed it to Ridge. Ridge gave it back to Brooke and insisted he needed more time. Brooke's eyes filled up and she told Ridge she would wait as long as she had to. After Brooke departed, Katie asked Ridge why he didn't take that chance?

On today's episode, Pam tells Charlie it really fries her cookie when someone assumes she is some type of airhead. She also tells him that Quinn bet on the wrong pony this time. Brooke asks someone if they think Ridge could be involved with someone else. Hope makes comments about Wyatt's eyes and he tells her they are saying he loves her. Liam tells Charlie that Quinn is a master manipulator and so is Wyatt. He finally tells Liam he was right. Wyatt stole that diamond.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Will Brooke find dirt on Ridge? Will Hope get past the fact that Wyatt lied to her? Can Liam win his girl back? Vent away in the comments section below.

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