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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Liam tells Hope she can't stay with Wyatt

Does Liam have a chance with Hope again?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Rick told Wyatt if he had his way, he and his mother would be out the door and locked up. Rick had tossed the decision making over to Brooke however, and was eagerly awaiting her answer.

Before Hope could answer, Wyatt began pleading his case. He knew he didn't deserve a second chance, but he was asking for one anyway. He said it was important for Quinn Artisan Jewelers to stay on at Forrester because of his employees. Rick pointed out that he wasn't thinking of his employees when he engineered the jewel heist. Wyatt pleaded with Hope he knew he did something stupid, but he didn't want his employees to suffer because of that.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Quinn was examining her emeralds when Liam walked in. An overconfident Liam noted that Quinn looked pretty comfy in the CEO's office. Quinn couldn't help but wonder if Liam had a job. Liam wanted Quinn to make him an engraved necklace for the woman in his life. He wanted the engraving to read "HL," but quickly changed his mind and said it should read "HS." Quinn wondered if Liam was high. He also wanted a couple of wedding bands made up for him and Hope.

Quinn told Liam it was time he got over that little dream of his. She reminded him that Hope and Wyatt had gone away. Liam guessed that Quinn hadn't spoken to her son lately. Liam told her something happened and Hope and Wyatt were back in town. Quinn looked stunned.

Katie and Ridge spent time at the park with R.J. and Will. Katie had the honor of learning Ridge and R.J.'s secret handshake. R.J. had noted even his mother didn't know this one. Katie said she was sworn to secrecy. It appeared that Katie and Ridge were totally enjoying each other's company.

Quinn told Liam that Wyatt took Hope on a road trip. Liam was fully aware of that. He said they had been in Emerald Bay and explained it's gorgeous this time of year, and it only took him a couple of hours to get there. Quinn couldn't believe that Liam crashed Hope and Wyatt's trip. He said he had to because Hope was alone and away with a guy who was pretending to be something he wasn't.

Liam said he had to make sure Hope knew the truth about Wyatt. Quinn reminded Liam she had warned him to stay out of Wyatt and Hope's relationship. Liam said when he finally discovered proof that Wyatt was a little off, he had to go to Hope. He showed a shocked Quinn the video footage of Wyatt taking the diamond and told her he was sorry, but it was all over for her.

Quinn told Liam that video didn't define her son. Liam commented it said a lot about Wyatt's character. He told Quinn Hope had been using the word integrity frequently lately. He noted Wyatt didn't have any of that. He told Quinn that Hope was devastated when she heard the news. He explained everything that Hope thought about Wyatt was all a big, fat stinking lie. Quinn became speechless.

Hope told Wyatt he had plenty of opportunities to tell her the truth about the diamond heist. Wyatt knew that, but he said he knew she never would have gone along with it. Rick stated that was because his sister never would have done something so reprehensible. Wyatt said he knew what he did went against everything Hope stood for. She agreed that it did and told him she would never, ever condone what he did.

Hope added that she knew how many people were counting on the success of the Hope for the Future line. She said it wasn't just Wyatt's employees. It was also Forrester. She told Wyatt his mother made beautiful Jewelry and stated he was a gifted, but misguided businessman. Hope said a lot of people were counting on this collaboration working. Hope said she hoped she didn't regret this, but she was allowing Quinn and Wyatt to stay on at Forrester. She added that if anything like this happened again, anything remotely illegal or unethical, Wyatt and his company would be terminated.

Rick asked Hope if she was sure about her decision. Hope said they were in the middle of a line and she didn't want to disrupt things. Rick declared that a decision had been made. He told Wyatt this better not get out because it would be a huge scandal for their company. He told Wyatt he was one lucky man and advised him not to screw it up. Rick left the office.

Wyatt thanked Hope. Hope told him as far as their relationship was concerned, they were no longer together. A devastated Wyatt couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Back at the park, a glowing Katie looked on as Ridge and Will kicked a soccer ball around.

Liam told Quinn Wyatt played everyone--most of all Hope. Quinn insisted her son never meant to hurt anyone. He just thought it would be good for the line, and it was. Liam said it wasn't good for Wyatt however. Quinn also said Wyatt and Hope would get past this. She thought Hope was a smart, reasonable person. Liam said Quinn wasn't there when he saw that look of disillusionment in Hope's eyes. He was sure Wyatt was a done deal.

Quinn said nobody got hurt. Liam claimed two guys were rotting in jail because of Wyatt's stunt. Quinn said they were going to steal the diamond anyway. Liam also stated Charlie could have been killed. Quinn insisted that Wyatt and Hope would come out of this okay. Liam admitted Wyatt was smooth, but he didn't see him talking his way out of this one.

In another office at Forrester Creations, Wyatt pleaded with Hope not to do this. Hope insisted they were over and they were no longer a couple. Wyatt said he had definitely made a mistake and used terrible judgement, but he never meant to hurt her. Wyatt started to say if he could take this back, he would. Hope cut him off before the sentence was out and said he couldn't take it back.

Wyatt admitted he knew he couldn't take it back, but he could give her his word that he would never lie to her again. Wyatt pleaded for one more chance.

Back at the park, R.J. occupied Will and Katie couldn't stop talking about what a great father Ridge was. Ridge said it was great in Paris, dropping R.J. at school and then picking him up. He said he needed to talk to Brooke about getting R.J. in a school in L.A. instead of Ojai. He also asked her if she could stop telling him to go back to Brooke. He said he had to figure that out for himself, and it would be like him telling her to go back to Bill. Katie apologized and admitted Ridge was right. She agreed he had to make his own decision. She just wanted him to be happy. He wanted her to be happy too. Ridge said Katie was a good person.

Katie and Ridge kicked the soccer ball around while R.J. watched Ridge. Katie said she had played a little in high school.

Quinn asked Liam where Wyatt was now. Liam imagined he was here, on his knees begging Hope for forgiveness. Quinn thought that was good and said that's all Wyatt could do. Liam said Hope's only choice was to fire Wyatt and Quinn. Quinn suggested he fly off to Paris and make babies with Steffy. Liam said he couldn't because he intended to marry Hope.

Liam said none of Quinn's tactics worked, from locking him in an elevator to sending that video to Hope. He said her tactics would never work because he and Hope loved each other. He told Quinn it was a done deal that she and Wyatt were history. Quinn looked overly concerned.

In the meantime, Wyatt told Hope to be mad at him and scream at him. He said that way they could move past this. He knew she wanted that too. Wyatt said he didn't want to lose her. He said he couldn't lose her. He insisted they could get through this and he would never do anything like that again. Hope agreed to one more chance, and they fell into a kiss. Wyatt put that necklace around her neck, and in less than a New York minute, these two were a couple again.

Ridge and Katie retired to their picnic blanket and Ridge noticed Katie's poetry book. He began reading from it as Katie looked on and began reciting. They looked into each others eyes, and there was no doubt these two were growing closer.

On today's episode, Liam learns from Hope that she took Wyatt back. She tells Liam she feels committed to him. Katie tells Donna she relaxed for the first time in a long time with Ridge at the park. Wyatt ordered his mother to stay out of his life, Pam says goodbye to her girlfriend and Liam tells Hope she can't stay with Wyatt.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Did Hope make the right decision?

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