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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Liam runs to Hawaii in search of Hope

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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Liam tore into Brooke's house demanding to see Hope. He wondered if she was at work or upstairs. Brooke finally confessed she had no idea where Hope was. She added that even if she did, she might not tell Liam. Brooke said Hope hadn't come home at all last night.

Brooke grilled Liam to find out what made Hope walk out on her wedding. Liam insisted nothing happened, but did add that Steffy had shown up at the cabin. A sunned Brooke couldn't believe what she was hearing. Liam said he didn't know she was coming. He said that Steffy had very good news. She had undergone a series of medical procedures and had just found out she was able to have a child. Brooke said she was happy for Steffy. Liam was too after all they had been through. Liam explained that Steffy became slightly emotional and he gave her a hug. He figured that's was most likely what Hope saw from outside the cabin.

Brooke wondered if Steffy had tried to get Liam back. Liam said it was made very clear that wasn't going to happen. Brooke figured Steffy had tried. She reminded Liam that Steffy was a problem for Hope. She said Steffy had this magical ability to pop in every time Liam was about to marry Hope. Liam continued to insist he had no idea Steffy was back in L.A. Brooke wondered how Steffy knew where Liam was. Liam didn't know. He said it was no secret that he and Hope were getting married. Brooke knew that, but she found it interesting that she knew Liam was at the cabin.

Liam wondered why Hope came to the cabin. Brooke mentioned the note he wrote inviting her out there. Liam emphatically told her he never wrote a note to Hope. Brooke concluded that Steffy was the one who wrote the note. Liam insisted it wasn't Steffy. The more he thought about it, the more he believed Quinn was behind the note. He told Brooke he had something to do. She asked where he was going. Liam said he was off to have it out with Quinn.

Back in Hawaii, Wyatt brought Hope an orchid stating it was the only flower he could find that would do her justice. Wyatt thought Hope had been quiet the night before. He pointed out that she never told him what she saw the day of her wedding. Hope revealed that she had seen Steffy in Liam's arms. A shocked Wyatt listened sympathetically. Hope said she didn't stick around to see more. She said she knew Steffy would have that smug, I can get him back anytime I want look on her face. Hope said Steffy and Liam's eyes were locked and it looked as though they were the only two people on the planet.

Wyatt wondered why Hope went to the cabin to begin with. Hope said Liam had sent her a note asking her to come. Wyatt didn't think that made sense and he wondered why Liam would do that if he had Steffy in the cabin. Hope called it a classic Steffy move. She somehow wanted Hope to know that she would always be involved in Liam's life. Hope also said, she had been through this many times before. She said Liam's explanations as to why he was with Steffy always made sense, but she was done with this cat and mouse game.

Donna entered Eric's office at Forrester Creations and was upset to see Quinn sitting comfortably sipping on champagne. She had been under the impression that Quinn had packed up her stuff and left Forrester. She threatened to call security on Quinn, but Quinn said that would only make her look foolish. She warned Donna not to mess with her. She explained that Liam was strong arming Hope's personal and professional life and confessed the wrong had been righted. She said that Hope had reinstated her.

She also told Donna that Hope was with Wyatt in Hawaii. She insisted they would come back an item and cautioned Donna not to get on her bad side. She said her position at Forrester would be secure once her son returned with Hope. Quinn offered Donna some of Eric's champagne. Donna said it was a little early for her. Donna suspected this little celebration was about Eric. Quinn told Donna that Eric liked her, but Donna said the man didn't really know her.

Donna also cautioned Quinn that Hope and Liam have been victims of Steffy's agenda in the past. She told her no matter what, they always got back together. Quinn pointed out that there was a first time for everything and she didn't believe Liam stood a chance. She said Hope and Wyatt were just starting their relationship and sincerely believed Wyatt would end up with Hope. She told Donna she would have to just deal with her. A disgusted Donna left the office.

Suddenly, a furious Liam showed up in Eric's office accusing Quinn of writing that invitational note Hope received before the wedding. Quinn concluded that Liam was simply looking for someone to blame. She said his demeanor was threatening and refused to speak to him until he cooled off. A frustrated Liam was speechless as Quinn left the office. Donna entered and Liam explained how he believed Quinn was behind that note Hope received. Liam quickly realized Donna was not a Quinn fan. She agreed with Liam that Quinn was capable of being behind the mysterious note. She also told Liam that Quinn had mentioned Hope was in Hawaii with Wyatt. Liam thanked Donna and told her he owed her one and rushed off.

Back in Hawaii, Hope called Brooke to tell her she was fine. Brooke said Liam had told her about Steffy. Hope was glad her mother knew why she had taken off. Brooke said there was something Hope didn't know, but Hope simply didn't want to talk about it right now. She said the entire Liam/Steffy thing had exhausted her. Brooke hung up without saying a word.

Wyatt asked Hope if she wanted to spend the holidays with him in Hawaii. Hope accepted almost immediately. Hope said she should have known that something was wrong after Liam delivered his ultimatum. She told Wyatt that she couldn't allow Steffy back into her and Liam's relationship. All that was unacceptable to her right now. Wyatt wanted Hope to put Liam in the past and allow him to have a shot at making her happy.

Wyatt told Hope he had been patient. He admitted he loved her more deeply than he had ever loved before. He told her she would not regret it if they started the rest of their lives in Hawaii. He simply wanted a chance and the two of them fell into a deep kiss.

On today's episode, according to this CBS video preview, Pam and Eric start thinking about Stephanie after Pam notices the little bluebird on her shoulder out on the terrace. Eric tells Ridge no matter what happens between him and Brooke, he needs to stay in L.A. Ridge gives Brooke some shocking news and Rick and Caroline make a plan.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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